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an electric cell that generates an electromotive force by an irreversible conversion of chemical to electrical energy

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The total value of re-exports of dry primary batteries in 2015 was at USD 30.
Get a detailed picture of the Accumulators, Primary Cells and Primary Batteries market;
Primary batteries can store more power than rechargeable batteries relative to weight, but must be disposed of and replaced.
An increasing number of devices are using built-in rechargeable battery systems, particularly in developed markets, hurting demand for primary batteries.
EMD is a cathode electrode material for alkaline manganese dioxide batteries, lithium manganese primary batteries and lithium ion manganese rechargeable batteries.
Louis, Missouri, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights.
001% of domestic waste, and more than 98% of primary batteries now contain no heavy metals such as mercury.
com, an interactive agency and part of Omnicom Group Inc (NYSE: OMC), announced on Friday (13 July) the launch of a new microsite created for Energizer Holdings, Inc (NYSE: ENR), a manufacturer of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights, to support its sponsorship of breast cancer organization, the Komen Foundation.
Non-rechargeable batteries are sometimes called primary batteries, but that name isn't used by the Army.
9 pounds), reducing a soldier's "weight burden" to approximately one-sixth of that with rechargeable batteries and approximately one-fourth of that with primary batteries.
Energizer, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of primary batteries and flashlights, is one of a string of bidders said to be circling the group.
Suitable for medical applications, the Lithium Primary batteries are available individually of in custom packs, with varying lithium chemistries to match the energy density, discharge rate and life requirements of the applications.
The act phased out mercury in primary batteries but permits toxic metals in rechargeable alternatives as long as they are properly labeled.
As for primary batteries, 7,500 tonnes were recycled in 2001 (against 5,400 tonnes the year before), even though there is no EU-wide requirement to collect and recycle this type of battery.
Sound Environmental Management of Spent Primary Batteries.