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as it seems at first sight

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Probably the most irksome habit of the local people, who I grew to admire and love, was the irritating idiosyncrasy of labeling anyone from "Illinois" as coming from "Chicago," thereby providing prima facia proof of being a city-slicker, and a stupid one at that.
Intentional interference with economic interests, along with the prima facia tort, provides causes of action to cure financial harms and possibly a remedy to the SDAR situation.
required approval only by the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors of Elscint but did not require shareholders approval, is prima facia correct.
Causal Connection General Prima Facia Causal Connection: The Definition of 'Cause' Factors Severing Prima Facia Causal Connection: Remoteness Chapter 12.
Show Cause Notice was issued to PSM on April 29, 2009, for violation of Section 3(3)(g)&(h) for prima facia abusing its dominant position by refusing to deal with purchasers in relation to low carbon steel billets, wherein, PSM was required to appear before the Commission on May 19, 2009.