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a government subsidy used to maintain prices at a certain level

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New Target Prices for Cotton and Soybeans, but Termination of Corn Price Supports
"Price supports or subsidies for fuel alone cost governments around 20 percent of their budget.
The farm bill eliminates four dairy programs: the Dairy Product Price Support Program, Dairy Export Incentive Program, Federal Milk Marketing Order Review Commission and, beginning July 1, 2014, the Milk Income Loss Contract Program (MILC).
We had a very similar situation in 2006 when price supports dropped nearly to this level, but the price of production was less.
The Western States Dairy Producers Trade Association, representing groups whose members own 40 percent of the nation's dairy cattle, has called on the USDA to go beyond an increase in price supports, and buy 100 million pounds of cheese for distribution through food banks.
taxpayers to help carry construction and operation costs through a program of tax credits, bond guarantees and price supports. At the last moment the price supports were reportedly dropped from the omnibus federal energy bill conference committee final recommendations in mid-November.
597) includes gas price supports for the owners of the Alaskan natural gas: BP, Exxon-Mobil and Phillips.
In addition, price supports in marketing assistance loan programs were increased for wheat by about $0.22 per bushel in the 2002 farm bill.
In Belgium, the OECD recently reviewed the health insurance sector and concluded that while solidarity, or health coverage for all, was effective, the industry had too many insurance companies (due to state regulations and price supports).The OECD recommended that Belgium allow consolidation within the health insurance industry through mergers, acquisitions and company failures.
The candy makers note the price supports cost taxpayers $495 million last year and added another $2 billion a year to the price they pay for sugar and sweetened foods.
Daley contends that federal price supports for cane and sugar beet sugars make sugar twice as expensive in the United States as it is in the rest of the world, causing manufacturing to head overseas.
* On Farm Policy: Each week, DTN's On Farm Policy provides in-depth coverage and discussion of everything from exports to price supports, as presented by the nation's leading economists, USDA officials and commodity organization representatives.
Price supports and payments based on output accounted for three quarters of this sum, but a number of ad hoc emergency packages - which are theoretically less trade-distorting - risked generating expectations of continued support which could alter future production decisions, the OECD said.
* Worst of all, they have required trade barriers to maintain the European price supports, and this has blocked the effort to save millions of square kilometers of wildlands in densely populated Third World countries--where rising incomes and meat consumption threaten to make food self-sufficiency an environmental disaster.