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the branch of medicine concerned with preventing disease

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Now, with the FDA approval we bring this product into the United States' hospitals and health systems to offer a more opportune, effective and affordable preventative care approach.
The population of Japan is expected to continue to grow older, and preventative care is likely to be a growth area going forward, with the evolution of medical techniques and technology added to peoples' heightened awareness of their own health.
Riddell's areas of focus include family planning with a special emphasis on teenage pregnancy, infant health, acute versus preventative care and health literacy.
Heal said it is transforming the broken healthcare system in the United States by creating quick access to high-quality urgent, primary, and preventative care physicians.
He described it as a revolution in social care on a massive scale - which would see preventative care extended to thousands more people.
Topics discussed included blood glucose monitoring, diet and nutrition, exercise recommendations, caring for one's foot and eyes to avoid podiatry and renal complications, dealing with long-term complications of the disease and preventative care.
Patients are taking on a greater role in their health and are putting more of a focus on preventative care than ever before, added Dan Miller, senior vice president of pharmacy operations at Rite Aid.
While the restrictions from healthcare reform may seem dire, they provide an opportunity to shift the focus to preventative care.
Investing in preventative care also means millions of pounds will eventually be saved as fewer people need intensive and expensive support.
Pasco's success is due to a system of on-site wellness centers, opened last year at three strategically placed locations that make preventative care convenient for district employees.
Attacking both traditional sides of the debate, the work examines issues of efficiency and waste, the use and distribution of services, primary and preventative care, malpractice and legal policy, and competitive industry improvements, and provides a blueprint for moving the US to the next level of health care delivery while returning the cost to levels commensurate with our international peers.
Proper investment in preventative care services will mean less pressure on healthcare services and, most importantly, ensure that people in Wales live long and happy lives.
Since our retirement last year, our health insurance no longer covers preventative care so we (my wife and I) were forced to skip the physical exam this year because of cost.
Currently, most screening for diabetes is carried out in medical settings, mostly by family doctors, but there are many people who do not visit their GP for preventative care.
By targeting these children, Designed to Smile will deliver a range of preventative care interventions for children in schools and nurseries to help reduce the risk of dental decay.