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the branch of medicine concerned with preventing disease

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As medical care continues to evolve, EHAC also encourages people to seek out preventative care in order to stop life-threatening cardiovascular illness from developing.
Heal said it is transforming the broken healthcare system in the United States by creating quick access to high-quality urgent, primary, and preventative care physicians.
He described it as a revolution in social care on a massive scale - which would see preventative care extended to thousands more people.
As of June 2012, over 4,600 district employees have visited the wellness centers and the increased access to low-cost preventative care has driven down average healthcare costs.
Currently, most screening for diabetes is carried out in medical settings, mostly by family doctors, but there are many people who do not visit their GP for preventative care.
ADE requires that the health centers offer preventative care, screenings, health education and checkups for students and have a full-time registered nurse directing them.
By targeting these children, Designed to Smile will deliver a range of preventative care interventions for children in schools and nurseries to help reduce the risk of dental decay.
Health Essential Preventative care Up to $75 per visit/
It offers doctors a resource to save off lawsuits, explaining how to foil litigious patients and their lawyers using preventative care.
As he cut a special cake, he said the NHS would become more focused on providing preventative care to help improve the health of the nation.
Last month he called on the NHS to provide more preventative care so older people could continue living at home and stay out of hospital.
Even this week, Labour/Plaid were arguing against our calls for more preventative care in the Assembly.
A focus on healthier lifestyles and preventative care marks the relaunch of co-operative health insurer, Accuro, formerly the Health Services Welfare Society (HSWS).
As an audiologist, Shell offers her patients a comprehensive hearing evaluation, counseling, fitting and dispensing of hearing aids, assistive listening and alerting devices, as well as specializing in preventative care, pediatric amplification and customized hearing protection to keep harmful levels of noise from damaging those who do not suffer from hearing loss.
According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, almost one in ten hospital admissions could have been avoided with better preventative care.