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Synonyms for presupposition

Synonyms for presupposition

something taken to be true without proof

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the act of presupposing

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regarding the role of the classical world), paradoxes such as the measurement and "Wigner's friend" problems [Wigner] and non-locality without possibility of non-local signaling, can't be resolved in any satisfactory way with some classical presuppositions intact.
No country is entitled to impose its beliefs and presuppositions on others," he underlined, "A common understanding about the human rights should be reahed by learning about the existing concepts in this regard.
A prime consideration in attempting to explain the strength of the commitment to education about the environment is the fact that we all hold, often uncritically, a number of presuppositions about curriculum and classroom practice which tend to influence or constrain our education-related actions.
The aim of the paper is to discuss one aspect of the relations between assertions and contexts, namely, the process of presuppositions accommodation.
The linguistic presuppositions for this study are drawn out of the writer's/Mwalimu Isaacs's topics in the text examined.
For any proposal we make, Hegel would say, there are always unstated presuppositions without which it cannot stand.
As Price puts it, subject naturalism directs our attention to the issue of the scientific "respectability" of the claims and presuppositions of philosophy.
Typical presuppositions include the assumptions that our senses perceive a real world, humanity is basically good or evil, and the individual rather than the group is the basic unit of humanity.
Starting with linguist and humor theorist Victor Raskin, who supervised Ermida's doctoral dissertation on humor, and his Semantic Script Theory of Humor (SSTH), primarily "script opposition," Ermida adds foundational notions from discourse analysis, pragmatics, and speech-act theory, particularly the Gricean principle of conversational maxims, presuppositions, and implicatures.
I SEE that the presuppositions of Professor Boyle of Manchester University keep being rehashed in news reports (ECHO &BBC regional news: January, April and August).
A further fundamental move that we must strive to make in order to engage in Critical-Thinking concerns our unconscious presuppositions.
Remove materialist anti-biblical presuppositions in interpreting the facts, and there is a huge body of evidence supporting straightforward biblical history.
This brief book gently challenges common presuppositions that the Islamic world is monolithic or unsophisticated.