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42nd President of the United States (1946-)

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Franklin Raines, now chairman and CEO at Fannie Mac who served as OMB director under President Clinton, is likely to be considered for something big.
President Clinton was attempting to carve a path between the left, which advocated an international system upholding the rule of law but was leery of the use of force, and the right, which believed that U.
President Clinton admitted he 'knowingly gave evasive and misleading answers' about his sexual relationship with Ms Lewinsky.
But if SB 975 had been the law before his visit, President Clinton would have had nothing to christen.
The current chairman, Ann Brown, has served as chair since her appointment by President Clinton in 1994.
A second troublesome issue was the continued viability of the OSHA Ergonomics Standard, which President Clinton attempted to revive from its Congress-induced slumber at the last minute (much as Robert O.
Today, President Clinton and others say that new technology makes a scaled-down version of Reagan's dream possible.
Within our national forests there are large parcels of land that don't contain roads of any kind, and, in most cases, never have," President Clinton said in his October 13 announcement at Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.
President Clinton also said that other nations besides Iraq have weapons of mass destruction, but Iraq alone has used them.
President Clinton has great vision, but has not been able to execute any legislation to further that vision.
Two years after President Clinton offered embattled forest watchers an olive branch - the Northwest Forest Plan (supposedly assuring preservation of old-growth forests, while allowing a limited amount of logging) - peace has ended in the Pacific Northwest.
The usual anti-choice groups went ballistic and hope to use the issue to club President Clinton during the upcoming campaign.
Responding to the needs of small business owners and employees, President Clinton has proposed a Retirement Savings and Security Act.
The letters became a theme of the president's remarks, first in the morning when two primary school children read their letters to the president, and later in the evening outside Belfast City Hall, where the two winners, Cathy Harte and Mark Lennox, joined President Clinton in switching on the lights on the city's Christmas tree.
President Clinton has been unable to execute such a task, despite the fact that he is certainly an avid reader of history and, at least at the beginning of his administration, tried to familiarize himself with the leadership style of Ronald Reagan, whom he called the most "effective" President in recent American history.