President Carter

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39th President of the United States (1924-)

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Indeed, in a recent letter to Newcastle councillors David Faulkner and Nick Forbes, the former President Carter wrote: "My hope is that the Friendship Force exchanges between your community and your sister community of Atlanta will be resumed and will continue in future years.
If historians argue over the merits of his four years in office, nobody who saw President Carter on that Tyneside Friday 40 years ago will ever forget it.
He said: "I am delighted that a figure of such international standing and renown as President Carter has endorsed the content of my Bill.
It was impressive to learn of the great technological advancements that ZTE has developed, President Carter said.
The book is filled with pictures of various building sites, as well as volunteers, President Carter, and new Habitat homeowners whose lives have been transformed through the process.
As the Shah's position became untenable; as revolutionary momentum spread through the country; and as President Carter, against his better judgment, allowed the Shah to enter the United States for medical treatment, a band of Islamic students executed a carefully conceived plan to occupy the U.
We apologise unreservedly to both Zbigniew Brzezinski and President Carter for any embarrassment our publication may have caused them.
And yet in political terms, President Reagan was a profound success and President Carter an utter failure.
Perhaps not since Herbert Hoover took issue with the blame heaped on him by Franklin Roosevelt for the Great Depression have two presidents or their spokesmen feuded quite so publicly - and angrily - as former President Carter and President Bush.
WHEN US president Carter attempted a hostage rescue mission in 1980 it nearly led to World War III.
The development of alternative, environmentally responsible energy sources has been a passion of mine since I became a public servant," President Carter said.
Without a President Carter, it is unlikely that Reagan would have been elected in 1980, or ever.
The 14-month standoff that followed humbled President Carter, led to the deaths of eight American servicemen in a botched rescue operation, and created a measure of distrust and anger that has never dissipated.
In 1979 President Carter turned his back on the Shah by refusing to support the Iranian government under the Shah.
President Carter said America stood united with Britain against terrorism.