President Buchanan

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15th President of the United States (1791-1868)

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In 1860, a law passed through both chambers only to be vetoed by President Buchanan.
Queen Victoria exchanged greetings with American President Buchanan.
On March 9, 1860, Senators Mason and Robert Toombs (D-Georgia) told President Buchanan and Secretary of State Cass that the treaty was "virtually dead.
It takes pains to acknowledge Mormons were still traumatized by attacks they'd suffered earlier themselves (in a flashback, director Christopher Cain's son, TV's Superman Dean, plays church founder Joseph Smith getting murdered by an angry mob) and that President Buchanan was planning to wrest control of the Utah Territory from Gov.
Weeks passed, for instance, before Oregonians learned that President Buchanan had signed their state's act of admission on Feb.
But she never asks, for instance, whether Brigham Young ruled as a kind of theocratic despot incompatible with American democracy, as President Buchanan alleged, or whether the practice of polygamy is irreconcilable with the equality of men and women, as President Cleveland alleged.
Her great-grandfather was attorney general under President Jefferson, and her grandfather served as vice president under President Buchanan.
Nor would a President Buchanan make Bill Kristol chief of staff or appoint Arianna Huffington to his cabinet.