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Tolentino, who was appointed as agency chairman in 2010, said he will be forever grateful and always remember being part of the President's Cabinet in serving the public.
For nearly 150 years, the Secretary of the Navy remained part of the president's cabinet.
As dean of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and a member of the president's cabinet, Redding provided leadership for all academic-related matters including program development, evaluation, faculty development, strategic planning and budgeting for: agribusiness, animal science, crop science, dairy science, environmental science, equine management, food science, food technology, horticulture, landscape architecture, landscape contracting and management, restaurant and food service management, sustainable agriculture systems and turf management.
Following the PML's victory in the May 2013 general election, Hamid was assigned the law ministry's portfolio which was later withdrawn after filing of a petition seeking his trial along with Musharraf for high treason since he was the law minister in the former president's cabinet as well.
In 1954, during the Eisenhower administration, Assistant Secretary of Labor James Ernest Wilkins became the first black official to attend a meeting of the president's Cabinet as he sat in for Labor Secretary James P.
The Treasury Secretary is one of 15 members of the president's Cabinet.
Mohammad bin Saleh al-Sada met with Liban Suleiman, chief of the President's Cabinet, during his official visit to Qatar.
He has addressed writers of the peace accord in South Africa, the president's cabinet and parliament in Peru, and military officers at the Lenin Military Academy and the Centre for Geopolitical Strategy in Moscow.
Skender Durmishi welcomed numerous guests, deputy prime ministers, government ministers, Members of Parliament, members of the President's Cabinet, mayors, ambassadors, religious leaders, as well as representatives of the culture and the business community.
According to a member of the European Council president's cabinet, the aim is to "look at all options, bearing in mind that some are simpler than others".
Being the lone Republican in the President's cabinet, he's had to use the skills he learned serving as a member of Congress to try to bridge the now deep divisions.
Members of the President's cabinet and other federal officials also participated in the conference and breakout discussions focused on addressing the needs and aspirations of Indian communities.
On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden and a number of members of the President's Cabinet welcomed NLC and other public safety stakeholders to the White House to discuss the benefits of transitioning to a nationwide wireless broadband network for public safety.
In conformity with the report of the State Revision Department from 2008, nothing was in dispute in this financial exhibition, because the President's Cabinet has the discrete right to engage people "on contract".
Mr Ouattara's forces have received strict instructions to take Gbagbo unharmed, said several members of the president's cabinet.
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