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Chao, the first Asian American woman appointed to a President's cabinet, held several high level jobs in the Department of Transportation before her appointment as Labor Secretary in January 2001.
From his president's cabinet on down, university leaders from both worlds meet in teams, to discuss issues and to put plans into action.
And this year, two of the President's Cabinet nominees were denounced for having praised the Confederate cause.
The luncheon was hosted by the Congressional Club, a nonpartisan group of spouses of members of the House and Senate, Supreme Court justices and the members of the president's cabinet.
And they must believe we should start the 21st century as the only great nation in the world with no one in the president's Cabinet to represent education, because that is part of the Dole-Kemp program for the 21st century - get rid of the Department of Education.
EPA Cabinet Elevation--Legislation to formally elevate the EPA to the president's Cabinet was originally slated as one of the likely environmental successes to emerge from this Congress.
During the Bush Administration, the Administrator of the SBA was removed from the President's cabinet.
For the past two years, Varholak has served as associate vice president for budget and financial planning and as a member of the President's Cabinet.
In addition, a member of the president's cabinet said that rural America may be ready to join a national conversation about gun control, the report added.
Although Senators do indeed have a perfect right under the "advise and consent" provision of the Constitution to examine, challenge, and openly debate a nominee's policy views in the confirmation hearing, they should not vote to reject the nominee unless the nominee's views would make it impossible for the nominee to uphold and enforce the laws for which he or she would be responsible and accountable as a member of the President's Cabinet.
Alvarez, the first Hispanic woman, and the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to serve as a member of the President's Cabinet, said that she "has not been disappointed in the Clinton/Gore Administration.
Prior to his White House service, he served in the President's Cabinet for nearly three years as Secretary of Transportation, overseeing a Department with a budget of over $30 billion and a workforce of 105,000 people.
Small Business Administration Maria Contreras-Sweet, attended Tuesday night State of the Union address as a member of the President's Cabinet.
The Senate traditionally moves quickly to affirm the new president's Cabinet.
Chao is the first Asian Pacific American woman to be appointed to a president's cabinet in our nation's history and the longest serving Secretary of Labor since World War II.
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