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Synonyms for preserve

Synonyms for preserve

to protect (an asset) from loss or destruction

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

to keep in a condition of good repair, efficiency, or use

to prepare (food) for storage and future use

public land kept for a special purpose

Synonyms for preserve

a domain that seems to be specially reserved for someone

a reservation where animals are protected

keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction

to keep up and reserve for personal or special use

maintain in safety from injury, harm, or danger


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keep undisturbed for personal or private use for hunting, shooting, or fishing

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Fortunately, he was wearing a vest-style life preserver and was floating without effort.
The OSU Master Food Preservers program is also recruiting new volunteers for its 2014 training program.
Nazla village, located in the Nazla valley, is now the site of a preservation project by Past Preservers, which aims to save a practice that has been handed down from family to family for generations.
DC PPE ISEA Advisory Notice 13-03, MK-1 Life Preservers Auto Inflators As a result of high fleet demand, and limited availability of the CONAX inflator assemblies, NAVSURFWARCEN Div Panama City SEP 13 (NOTAL) authorizes the use of both the CONAX and chemical pill auto inflators until further notice.
Every day he oversaw the packing of 40-to-50 life preservers and life rafts, and he was CDQAR for many of them.
Residents could not safely approach the water but gathered life preservers and tried to throw them to the people in the water.
Mr Farese said: "On every single flight you have to advise the passengers where the exit is or where the life preservers are.
Battle, the director of MSRC, coauthor of Legacy and author of Black Bibliophiles and Collectors: Preservers of Black History (Howard University Press, 1990), aptly concludes that, "Together, the two collections [the private libraries of the Reverend Jesse E.
Tracing the lasting impacts of builders, preservers, creators, social reformers, healers, and scientists, as well as the problems they encountered, the turbulence caused by World War II and their attempts to emigrate to the U.
The American Wood-Preservers' Association, Railway Tie Association, Southern Pressure Treaters' Association, Timber Piling Council, and Western Preservers Institute provided technical support and assistance.
The Samaritans view themselves as preservers of an orthodoxy traceable to Moses, whereas Jewish interpreters describe the Samaritans as the result of syncretistic origins under the Assyrians in the eighth century B.
The boat was equipped with life preservers,but passengers are not required to wear them.
ALSE techs, on Page 41 of PS 611 (Oct 03), we said to inspect the life preservers (LPU-10) every 120 days.
At the last minute, however, newcomers Rachel Sage and Gregory Douglass step in and act as life preservers.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Wood Preservers Institute (AWPI) today announced that the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, has denied class action status to a lawsuit challenging the safety of CCA-treated wood and its warnings.