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an elder in the Presbyterian Church

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Also, as the local church is the diocese under the bishop, and not just a parish, there is also another sense in which the bishop and the college of presbyters make another corporate personality.
The book is divided into three major areas: New Testament texts and their patristric commentators; women deacons in the East and West; and women presbyters. Madigan and Osiek maintain that the ordination of female deacons was more prevalent in the East.
Apparently, he had to "sort out" the presbyters (elders) of the Corinthian Church as his first letter describes.
Madigan (Harvard Divinity School) and Osiek (Brite Divinity School) believe they have collected all known documents for women deacons and presbyters in the Greek-speaking and Latin-speaking worlds.
Among the early Christians, the Presbyters or Priests were simply the elders of the congregation and Christian services were held in ordinary houses.
Bishops (overseers, presbyters, elders - all these words are used to describe the same men, but never priests) are responsible directly to Christ the Chief Shepherd only for the local church in which they find themselves.
The form of a permanent diaconate would be such as to free other ministers (presbyters and bishops) to perform the functions which more appropriately belong to their distinctive calling.
a female presbyter. Epiphanius' statement that women were bishops and presbyters among Montanist groups provides evidence suggesting that entry 4 is a Montanist inscription.
To do so would be to miss the point that, as far as Milton was concerned, 'Bishops and Presbyters are the same to us both name and thing' (II.
a form of ecclesiastical administration by a hierarchy of clerical and lay presbyters rather than by bishops (episcopal) or congregational assemblies.
The moderator for 2018-2019, the Rev Stuart Mill was then warmly welcomed by all presbyters.
Alex MacLeod, one of eight presbyters who formally registered their dissent when the Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington voted to support the overture that came before it in September.
Deploring (his term) the post-third-century devolution of priesthood, in both East and West, away from a collegial ministry of presbyters with bishops into a sacral cult of individual mediators, T.
When I came to the sentence in "Gag order" that says, "None of the Twelve, nor the apostle Paul, nor most of the ancient missionaries were presbyters, and they did a lot of preaching," I dropped your magazine and almost fell out of my chair.