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building reserved for the officiating clergy

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Certainly, the presbyterium is the council of the bishop (cf.
Din "Actul martiric al Sfantului Sava", zis Gotul, rezulta ca Biserica crestina din Gothia (Muntenia), era organizata administrativ, fiind condusa de un episcop, iar in lipsa acestuia de un "presbyterium".
A diocese is tidily defined in Canon Law, following the Second Vatican Council, as 'a portion of the people of God, which is entrusted to a Bishop to be nurtured by him, with the cooperation of the presbyterium, in such a way that, remaining close to its pastor and gathered by him through the Gospel and the Eucharist in the Holy Spirit, it constitutes a particular Church.
First registered in 1659, approved by Rome in 1664, the order Societas Presbyterium a San Sulpicio, a Catholic Society of Apostolic Life, received letters patent in 1713.
<<A este respecto, necesita una profundizacion teologica mas detenida la hipotesis de un "colegio diaconal" en tomo al obispo, en cuanto expresion del ordo diaconorum, semejante al presbyterium y en comunion con el.
Allen also reports on another curial document, Presbyterium Ordinis, which, like other recent Roman documents, stresses the otherness and superiority of the clergy.
So it is likely that they started in the mud; and in that fourth uncertain state of matter they set the cornerstones marking the outlines of the porch, nave, and presbyterium. The frame was made of squared larch trunks.
II ne s'agit pas simplement d'un texte fondateur pour la theologie de l'Eglise locale, mais cet enseignement ouvre egalement, comme on l'explicitera plus loin, des perspectives sur la synodalite de l'Eglise locale, par le fait qu'il met en valeur la <<participation pleniere et active de tout le saint peuple de Dieu>> a Faction unique de toute l'Eglise, presidee par l'eveque, <<entoure de son presbyterium et de ses ministres>>.
This unity must take shape concretely in the realization that priests, diocesan and religious, form a single presbyterium around their bishop.
In his early years as a bishop, therefore before 356, in a written commentary destined very likely for his presbyterium,(171) he emphasizes that the descent of the Spirit is itself a kind of bathing or baptism.(172) This reference to bathing, or being baptized, in the anointing of the Father is immediately followed by "The voice from heaven said: 'You are my Son, today I have begotten you.'"(173) The Jordan event is the day of Jesus' birth in that his sonship is proclaimed.
El Concilio Vaticano II recupero la vigencia del presbyterium en las Iglesias locales.
In this matter he should carefully attend to the informed opinion of the diocesan presbyterium and possibly of a re-entry committee, composed of people who already know about the case and people in the parish in which the priest would be reintegrated or in neighboring parishes(49-51).