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the doctrines and practices of the Presbyterian Church: based in Calvinism

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Historians perhaps may mark this as one more pivotal event as Presbyterianism in Canada seemingly slides toward becoming a fragmented and irrelevant national denomination.
To be sure, Makemie saw connectional churches and organizational unity as necessary for the proper functioning of Presbyterianism, but in Makemie's few extant writings we see, as Hart notes, deeper "insights about the dependence of healthy churches on strong communities." (6) Hart's work has highlighted Makemie's observations about the symbiotic relationship between healthy churches and organized towns, (7) but Makemie's observations go deeper still.
Three significant commemorations took place: in May, the various Assemblies and Synods of Scottish Presbyterianism held their own denominational commemorations; in August, an international convocation was held in Edinburgh, culminating in the founding of a new 'Protestant Institute' on George IV Bridge; and in December, sermons and speeches were delivered in parishes and lecture halls across Scotland.
"God-Provoking Democrat" gives an account of the post-rebellion trauma within Presbyterianism and Rowan's dramatic defiant stand in defense of New Light principles.
Buddhism proposed a different fate of the soul than Presbyterianism, one which greatly appealed to Martin.
Alison Searle and Sarah Apetrei examine these issues in relation to marriage, while Alasdair Raffe, focusing on Scottish Presbyterianism, and Claire Walker, focusing on English Catholicism, explore the ways women acted as the keys to a religion's survival through tumultuous times.
The articles cover a wide spectrum of interests, ranging from the history of modern China to the phenomenal growth of Chinese Christianity in recent years, and from the development of church polity to the adoption of biblical Presbyterianism in China today.
Influenced by the "circle of ladies" with whom she shared intellectual, charitable, and social activities, as well as by her family's particular Jewish and American connections, Annie enthusiastically embraced the Presbyterianism of her minister husband.
Early interactions with religious itinerants and their methodologies endowed him with biblical familiarity, deism with an attachment to reason, and Presbyterianism with a sense that his relationship with God was more important than worldly events.
Tutor, priest, bodyguard, rebel, Protestant minister, galley slave, exile, a leader of the Protestant Reformation, and founder of Presbyterianism: John Knox's influence on the political and religious groundswells of 16th century England and Scotland reverberate in Protestant theology, music, and social conscience these 500 years later.
What, I ask, has happened to great democratic republican ideals of Presbyterianism?
of Edinburgh, UK) investigates the Free Church of Scotland's involvement with American Presbyterianism in the nineteenth century.
The book's readability, however, is not helped by a lack of clarity of exposition, stylistic quirks (the colloquial style for dates--"the 16th of December"--drove this reviewer to distraction), and syntactical slips: to cite one instance, Prior notes how Aston availed himself of the idiom of "anti-popery" and then states "This he elided with presbyterianism" (pp.
He and others were suspicious of this action as a move toward the more clerical Presbyterianism. Davenport was a supporter of lay involvement in the life of the church and while in England had cooperated with many lay figures including the Puritan peer, Viscount Saye and Sele.
Utilizing these materials, she rewrites the history of presbyterianism in England, not as a proto-denomination, but as a movement that continued to be lively, creative and catalytic (while often clandestine) between the 1590s, when it was supposed to have been rendered quiescent, and the 1640s, when it reappeared with polemical vigor in an unsettled time.
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