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a tooth having two cusps or points


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Inclusion criteria consisted of (1) men and women between 12 and 61 years old (2) with complete or incomplete permanent dentition with presence of premolars. Exclusion criteria consisted of (1) CBCT with distortion or alteration in the images, (2) patients with evidence of bone alterations at the measurement sites, and (3) premolars without complete root formation or anatomical structures difficult to measure.
Location of Mental Foramen in females was observed maximum at the longitudinal axis of 2 Premolar, 68% on right side and 70% on left side.
A mucoperiosteal flap was elevated 6 mm above the canine and first premolar to allow for the planned osteotomy for both the procedures.
In a study by Kumar et al, in two different ethnic groups of Indian population, the MF was most commonly found between first and second premolars (59.2%) in Northeast Indians as compared to South Indians where the most common location was long axis of second premolar (62.8%)15.
A New Classification of Impacted Canines and Second Premolars Using Orthopantomography.
In the case of premolars, a post placement is recommended in order to protect the remaining dental structures (16).
A pendulum appliance with a Nance button on the palatal surface, two occlusal rests on maxillary first premolars, and two springs from the Nance button to the sheets of molar bands were constructed on the plaster models.
First premolar large, brain case relatively small, well developed sagittal crest, lachrymal in contact with orbit but separated from nasal by an extension of the frontal.
To ensure proper placement for a premolar bitewing, place the film/sensor at the middle of the mandibular canine (1).
The comparison of length and density of the root canal filling among all tooth types revealed that the density of the root canal filling was significantly better for upper molars than for other teeth (P<0.05); the length of the root canal filling was significantly worse for lower molars than for upper premolars and upper incisors (P<0.05).
Inter-1/4urst premolar width: Measurements were made between the buccal cusp tips of right and left 1/4urst premolars.
A study in Chinese population [5] has demonstrated the incidence of a single root in the maxillary first premolars in 66%, while a study in Saudi population showed an incidence of two roots in 81% [6].
robustus, exhibit a suite of uniquely derived characters relating to an extreme development of their teeth, especially premolars and molars, and jaws.
Nerve blocks, used to anesthetize the maxillary incisors, canine, and premolars, target the infraorbital nerve (ION) [1], a branch of the maxillary division (V2) of the trigeminal nerve.