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a tooth having two cusps or points


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pitikantensis showed premolar and molar reduction which showed the team that they are the most primitive members of the genus.
9% of maxillary first premolars from male patients were single rooted, and the remaining were two rooted (40.
2015), and observing increasing values until the ascending pathway at the second premolars region, at the emergence of mental foramen.
These complications occur most commonly during extraction of upper molar and premolar teeth.
028-inch premolar brackets and molar tubes with MBT prescription (Victory[TM] Series, 3M Unitek, CA, USA) were bonded on the upper arch.
The stress in the implant region of the first premolar is virtually unreported.
014-in nickel--titanium wire, an open coil spring was placed between the lower right first molar and first premolar, alignment and space opening for the tilted lower right second premolar were performed at the same time (Figure 3a).
All the interproximal contact points should be open and visible on the premolar and/or the molar bitewing.
Panoramic findings for predicting eruption of mandibular premolars associated with dentigerous cyst after marsupialization.
Because the force is applied to the facial surface of the teeth, an auxiliary uprighting spring tends not only to extrude the molar but also to roll it lingually, while intruding the premolars and flaring them buccally.
The precise knowledge on the variations in the position, shape, and the size of the mental foramen and the presence of the accessory mental foramen would be of much use for dental surgeons while they do surgical procedures on the mandible, such as the curettage of the premolars, filling procedures, dental implants, root canal treatments and orthognathic surgeries.
sivalensis, from the Middle Siwaliks, in having unconstricted protocone, crochet moderately developed, no crista, postfossette retained on all teeth, median valley open on all the premolars and molars, premolars slightly shorter than molars, and with a concave external face.
The null hypothesis tested was that increasing crosshead speed does not influence fracture resistance or failure mode of human maxillary premolars with the mesio-occlusodistal (MOD) cavity restored with composite.
The data were collected from 410 (203 males and 207 females) orthodontic study models, which had erupted mandibular permanent incisors, maxillary, mandibular canines and premolars.