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a tooth having two cusps or points


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Before starting this study, both left and right mandibular fourth premolar teeth were extracted to make enough space for the bone graft.
The best source of these cells is the pulp of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth, which become available naturally on multiple occasions during the course of a child's life: when deciduous teeth become loose, during extraction of premolar teeth for orthodontics and from removal of third molars.
After admission, he consulted with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at our university, due to complaint of toothache with swelling of right mandibular gingiva and loosing his premolar teeth.
The bond strengths` of Begg brackets bonded onto 90 freshly extracted premolar teeth was tested using an universal testing machine.
Although premolar teeth just behind the canines also became larger, no general trends in dental evolution accompany this change, Wood holds.
Erosive effects of common beverages on extracted premolar teeth.