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a tooth having two cusps or points


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The gingiva was incised on the labial surface of the incisors ventrally to the lesion, continued laterally and dorsally on both sides, 2cm from premolar teeth 306 and 406.
Forty-eight extracted sound maxillary premolar teeth were selected and used in accordance with a protocol approved by the Research Ethics Committee, Anhanguera-Uniban University.
Comparison of two laser Doppler systems on the measurements of blood flow of premolar teeth under different pulpal conditions.
After admission, he consulted with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at our university, due to complaint of toothache with swelling of right mandibular gingiva and loosing his premolar teeth.
The bond strengths` of Begg brackets bonded onto 90 freshly extracted premolar teeth was tested using an universal testing machine.
Although premolar teeth just behind the canines also became larger, no general trends in dental evolution accompany this change, Wood holds.
Premolar teeth with fully developed roots and closed apexes, extracted for reasons other than this study, were collected from Oral Surgery Department, AFID, Rawalpindi.
It was decided to perform crown lengthening by gingivectomy on all the quadrants except for the mandibular anterior teeth including the premolar teeth where crown lengthening would be performed by flap surgery with osseous resection and recontouring.
It also had premolar teeth that had taken on the form of molars, instead of being relatively simple as in most other primates.
As many children exhibit low decay rates, the preferred long term restorative option for replacing missing premolar teeth is an implant-supported crown; the alveolus needed to support an implant must therefore be preserved.
The Hartwick researchers obtained casts of both lower second premolar teeth -- located in the cheek -- and studied them under a scanning electron microscope at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.
Twenty five brackets of each type were bonded to 50 extracted first premolar teeth with the similar bonding system.
The inclusion criteria of this study were patients of either gender presented with irreversible pulpitis of permanent first mandibular (right or left) premolar teeth, teeth with normal anatomy and the exclusion criteria's were patients that used heart pace maker or had a contributory medical history, teeth with presence of metallic restorations, with radio-graphically invisible canal, with open apices and with resorbed roots.
Few case reports that describe two or more roots or canal systems in mandibular premolar teeth are found in the literature.