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The principle of the test is preferential looking, whereby the child looks to the part of the card with the picture on it rather than the plain stimulus.
Gradually, the scenarios, following a method called Preferential Looking Procedure, become more complicated One video shows a boy hugging a girl, the second shows a girl feeding a boy.
Two different methods were used to measure preferential looking in the "correct" direction: (a) the total number of trials for each word pair in each syllable position in which the children were looking in the correct direction (Schwartz, Jarmulowicz, Signorelli, Wong, & Pollock, 2000) and (b) the total number of times for each word pair in each syllable position in which the children's longest look was in the correct direction (Schafer & Plunkett, 1998).
Forced choice preferential looking (FPL) is another visual acuity test that is useful for infants.
"The current standards for infant preferential looking are really just pieces of card and they are really expensive," he added, referencing one company's cards with a 1,200 [pounds sterling] price tag, as an example.
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