affirmative action

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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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Imbun then zooms the ethnographic lens out to a more generalized account of how political pressures brought to bear by different stakeholders (the national government, local landowners) lead mining companies to develop preferential hiring policies.
And importantly, our research shows that education is not just a set characteristic of individuals but is a manipulable workforce variable that can be changed by hospital managers, through preferential hiring of nurses with BSNs, or providing tuition assistance to help the nurses who are already employed obtain a BSN or higher.
Upon any future exercise and required regulatory approval of a lease or leases, and development of mining, Big Metal Coal will provide preferential hiring, training and promotion to qualified Indians and will make bonus, production tax and royalty payments to the Crow Tribe.
"Statistics have shown for decades that companies and business owners participated in preferential hiring practic- es, making paid employment a male privilege, and thus making it harder for women to progress and reach the top positions.
Good times during and after World War II combined with company policies of apprenticeships, preferential hiring of sons and the placement of returned soldiers as well as its more balanced demographics, solidified the town's sense of security.
In 2007, town meeting approved allowing selectmen to negotiate after a presentation that promised, among other things, to build a public works garage, to offer free trash disposal and appliance recycling, local preferential hiring and grading a portion of the remaining parcel for use as a park or ball field.
AONE survey: Gauging hospitals' use of preferential hiring policies for BSN-prepared nurses.
The article opens with the story of David Shipler, who was selected in the 1970s specifically to be the first Jerusalem bureau chief who was Jewishan odd twist on preferential hiring made odder by the fact that Shipler is not Jewish.
The 2006 SASAS survey round found that 68 per cent of participants supported the preferential hiring and promotion of disabled persons, compared to 70 per cent for gender-based AA and 63 per cent for race-based AA.
"This is sometimes referred to as 'preferential hiring'; it is more accurately labeled simply as 'discrimination.' And it is ethically and legally wrong."
The program involves the preferential hiring of local nationals from communities around the installation.
There is also potential generational injustice in any attempt to advance equity: it is precisely those who bear least responsibility and have been rewarded with the least benefit of past privilege, young white male graduates trying to embark upon an academic career, who are forced to bear the costs of preferential hiring. Those who have benefitted the most, older tenured white male professors, are not threatened in their tenure, even though they may ironically play a role in designing and administering the very equity programs that are made necessary by their own preponderance.
The policy was further encouraged with the WHO barring smokers from employment since 2005, and also by the National Cancer Institute, which encourages the preferential hiring of non-smokers.
It was opened in October 1965 to serve the needs of the Castle Bromwich community who enjoy preferential hiring rates.
A good deal of the fervor regarding affirmative action derives from the issues regarding the legitimacy of preferential hiring and the notion of affirmative action.
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