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Synonyms for preference

Synonyms for preference

the act of choosing

favorable or preferential bias

a liking for something

Synonyms for preference

a strong liking

a predisposition in favor of something

the right or chance to choose

grant of favor or advantage to one over another (especially to a country or countries in matters of international trade, such as levying duties)

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In such a graph, each node stands for an objective, and each directed edge stands for a preference relation.
For a hesitant fuzzy preference relation (HFPR), it is not easy to deal with its consistency due to different numbers of possible values in hesitant fuzzy elements (HFEs).
Decision-making with a fuzzy preference relation, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 1(3): 155-167.
A least deviation method to obtain a priority vector of a fuzzy preference relation, European Journal of Operational Research 164(1): 206-216.
Significant attention has been given to fuzzy preference relations in previously studies (Orlovsky 1978; Nurmi 1981; Tanino 1984; Kacprzyk 1986; Chiclana et al.
Let Q be a fuzzy preference relation on X and B be a non-empty family of nonzero fuzzy subsets of X.
M- rational), if there exists a preference relation Q on X such that C (S) = G (S, Q) (resp.
So in this section, we focus on Linguistic preference relation in technology project assessment.
In this section, the two examples show the two problems in technology project assessment respectively, including linguistic and subjective information and pair comparison of preference relation.
Given that every utility function also induces an ordinal preference relation, any concept defined for ordinal preferences also extends to the cardinal case.
2]-complete, depending on the restrictions placed on the preference relations.
One of the by-products of the scrutiny of those assumptions was a reconsideration of the problem of representation of a preference relation by a differentiable utility function.
It also led to the definition of a distance between two preference relations giving a precise meaning to the notion of their similarity by Yakar Kannai in 1970.
Deviation measures of linguistic preference relations in group decision making, Omega 33(3): 249-254.
A direct approach to group decision making with uncertain additive linguistic preference relations, Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making 5(1): 23-35.