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an infant that is born prior to 37 weeks of gestation

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The new mask I used (Saturday) on this preemie was only about half the size of her face.
Doctors think they have found a way to deal with these concerns by giving TPN-fed preemies small amounts of nutrition by mouth--referred to as minimal enteral feeding.
But research has shown that as they grow up, preemies tend to be more withdrawn, shy and socially excluded than their peers, explained lead researcher Marina Mendonca.
By highlighting the LaDue's story, the organization is able not only to raise awareness of the full impact premature birth has on parents but also to give new parents of preemies hope.
[USA], Aug 11 ( ANI ): Parents of preemies are usually worn to a frazzle more than other parents when their kids are young, but according to a recent study, there's light at the end of the tunnel.
This is heartening news and an acknowledgement of how important it was to correct the imbalance with regard to the treatment and management of preemies. This will tremendously alleviate the sufferings of parents who have to deal with the twin traumas of emotional agony and financial worry as their infant struggles for life.
Not only does this sound promising for direct therapeutic interventions for preemies, imagine extending that knowledge so that all parents would know exactly how to soothe a colicky baby!
For example, China is saving more preemies' lives but at the cost of their vision, Lawn said.
Warmth, hygiene, steroids, and early breastfeeding--these are just a few of the interventions that can be applied to ensure the survival and health of "preemies," babies who face daunting challenges right after birth but who, with good and affordable care, can lead active, productive lives like other babies.
But in wealthier countries, where sophisticated medical care already keeps most preemies alive, the focus is shifting to how to prevent these births in the first place.
The more underweight preemies probably had experienced more adversity during the first two trimesters of pregnancy, Hofman reasons.
Some preemies have complex medical needs apart from their prematurity and require special handling and care.
The reasons behind this dramatic improvement in the outcome of preemies with HMD/RDS are important to understand, because the improvement in survival has not been associated with a reduction in the rate of brain damage among the survivors.
The survival rate for 25-week "preemies" is just 65 percent.
An equal number of preemies were given the exact same number of calories and other care, but no massage.