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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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A number of The Honomichl Top 50 Global Market Research Organizations have already completed exhaustive trials of our predictive dialer," reports Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay, "and we currently completing contract negotiations with them.
We wanted to create a predictive dialer that was easy to install and to use," said Richard Hardgrave, President, Electronic Voice Services.
From the company's Signature product line, Aspect Unison Predictive Dialer 7.
MDLsolutions [R] co-founder Michael Langman commented, "MDLsolutions [R] set out to reduce a Call Center's cost of deploying complex, and normally expensive, PBX and Predictive Dialer systems.
We have always been impressed with the quality and performance of the Castel Connects(TM) predictive dialer solution.
LiveVox delivers integrated predictive dialer, ACD, IVR and call recording applications solely from the cloud.
More and more medium-to-large call centers are choosing Castel Connects because of its high reliability for mission-critical systems, its money-saving Predictive Dialer performance, its comprehensive and flexible monitors and reports along with Castel's responsive, 24 X 7 customer support.
In order to minimize agent idle time in between calls on an outbound campaign, predictive dialers "predict" when the next agent on a campaign will become available based on average call lengths for agents in the active dialing campaign, and then proactively initiate calls to maximize agent efficiency.
The new California state law mandates that businesses which use predictive dialer technology in order to place telemarketing calls to California residents must not exceed a maximum error rate of 3% a month.
Hosted Predictive Dialer provider delivers tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of outbound calling campaigns
For example, best-time-to-call analysis software, which monitors the results of calls over time, uses the data gleaned from predictive dialer call reports to calculate the optimal timeframe for reaching a specific customer.
Szlam, considered the founder of the call center industry, is featured as the inventor of the predictive dialer and related solutions.
New Predictive Dialer, Quality Monitoring and Screen Recording Solutions, Combined With Seamlessly Integrated Scripting and Workflow Engine, Enables Call Centers to Maximize the Value of Every Customer Interaction
in other words, to never leave consumers inconvenienced by a predictive dialer.
Nasdaq: SYNL), a leading global provider of call center technology and hosted service solutions, announced today that it has sold its predictive dialer product line to Noble Systems Corporation, an Atlanta based provider of call center technology.
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