premenstrual syndrome

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a syndrome that occurs in many women from 2 to 14 days before the onset of menstruation


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The company also offers a nutritional consultancy service that advises on foods and supplements that may help with conditions like eczema, pre-menstrual tension, irritable bowel syndrome and low libido.
If Sorenstam were asking to play off the ladies' tees and be allowed a three-stroke advantage to combat pre-menstrual tension, then I could understand the men's outrage, but as it is, their bleatings smack of a fear that an inspector has just got on the gravy train and quite a few of them don't have valid tickets.
Pulsatilla: Though often referred to as the mumps remedy, Pulsatilla is also handy for asthma, a cold that is fully in evidence, lactation problems (mastitis), pre-menstrual tension, indigestion (bloat or gas from eating fatty foods), sties, and runny, thin discharges of any kind, coming from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, urinary, or anal passages.
London, Jan 17 (ANI): Dreadful mood swings and late-night cravings for chocolate in women with pre-menstrual tension may soon become a thing of the past as scientists come a step closer to making a pill that would reduce the symptoms of PMT (pre-menstrual syndrome).
If you don't suffer the perils of pre-menstrual tension, you may think this is all a bit strong.
For the uninitiated, Jackie existed at a time when teenage girls needed help with their ponies, not pre-menstrual tension.
THE magnesium in chocolate can relieve some of the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension, which is why women might crave chocolate in the run-up to a period.
The pill works by stopping periods and could end the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension.
It works by stopping periods and could end symptoms of pre-menstrual tension.
ONE in five women has hit someone because of pre-menstrual tension, according to research.
Rolling your eyes sweetly and simpering pathetically about pre-menstrual tension, low iron levels, or teatimes spent in front of Blue Peter is usually all it takes to win your loved one over as you explain why your bank account, say, is in the red again.
Jed describes it as the male equivalent of pre-menstrual tension which can affect any male from their mid-20s into their 80s.
The tribunal also heard how Mr Bux ordered Mrs Ali to cook him curries while his wife was away and claimed in front of colleagues she was useless because she had pre-menstrual tension.
QI SUFFER very badly from pre-menstrual tension to the extent that my boyfriend is about to leave me.