Industrial Revolution

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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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The Paris conference has determined by 2050 to target the earth temperature just 1 to 2 degrees within pre-industrial era.
the pre-industrial era , the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
The hope is that global community will achieve an agreement which would assure future global warming does not exceed 2C compared to pre-industrial era.
It found that carbon emissions from operating plants are a big part of what is allowed in climate models to prevent global warming by over 2o Celsius from pre-industrial era the current global target.
The 90 entities together have emitted 939 gigatons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere since the pre-industrial era began in 1751, according to the report, which was released on the sidelines of United Nations climate talks in Lima, where delegates are working toward a global climate accord that is to be finalized in Paris in December 2015.
His work explores the open moorland and mountain terrain in the South Pennines, focusing on the pre-industrial era.
Therefore, a 50 percent reduction in forest aerosols has actually spurred greater warming since the pre-industrial era.
The aim is to contain the temperature rise to +2[degrees]C compared to the pre-industrial era.
Levels of carbon dioxide are 40 per cent higher than in the pre-industrial era.
In the north-central and northeastern United States, extreme weather is more than four times as likely to occur than it was in the pre-industrial era, according to a new study by Noah Diffenbaugh, a Stanford associate professor of environmental Earth system science, and Martin Scherer, a research assistant in the department.
Combining theoretical aspects with practical experiences, this resource for managers, quality professionals, and students in quality management offers an overview of the development of the quality concept from the pre-industrial era to the present day's integrated quality management systems.
The objective of UNFCCC is to maintain the temperature rise below 2[degrees]C with respect to the temperature of the pre-industrial era, but the models predict an increase of at least 3[degrees]C for 2050.
And Mann remains optimistic, saying there is still time to rein in greenhouse gas emissions and turn back the current trend before the planet is locked into dangerous warming, often estimated as two degrees Celsius higher than the pre-Industrial era.
In the pre-industrial era, it was uncertain because of uncontrollable plagues or power lusts threatening the human lives.