Industrial Revolution

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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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These impacts have also been ignored in previous climate modeling, she said, because scientists believed that BVOC emissions had barely changed between the pre-industrial era and today.
Combining theoretical aspects with practical experiences, this resource for managers, quality professionals, and students in quality management offers an overview of the development of the quality concept from the pre-industrial era to the present day's integrated quality management systems.
And Mann remains optimistic, saying there is still time to rein in greenhouse gas emissions and turn back the current trend before the planet is locked into dangerous warming, often estimated as two degrees Celsius higher than the pre-Industrial era.
In recognition of the topicality of this subject and in light of the historical centrality of Italy in the constitution of--but also antagonism towards--capitalist formations, Annali d'Italianistica will devote its 32nd issue to investigating the temporal and spatial articulations of work and labor in Italian culture, from the pre-industrial era to the Industrial Revolution and beyond.
There seemed to be broad agreement on limiting the rise of global temperature below 2 degree Celsius from pre-industrial era levels.
2]O is slightly higher at the beginning of the Holocene than in the pre-industrial era, whereas C[O.
Since a return to the "pasture perfect" ideal of the pre-industrial era is not likely, urban centers must become part of the solution to environmental perils, and ASABE members will need to focus equally on agricultural and biological systems within cities as in rural communities.
Much has been written on the pre-industrial era and on the affect of industrialisation and Victorian urban expansion but little on the twentieth century.
Baruchson-Arbib laments the lack of documentation supporting the reading habits of Christians in the pre-industrial era and at the same time notes the particular emphasis given by Jews to analytical reading and study, a fact that would certainly incline them to be active participants in both printing and collecting books.
The union sought to improve wages and raise the level of respect accorded players by linking them to skilled republican artisans of the pre-industrial era.
The product of the cottage business of the pre-industrial era was relatively simple: it was what one person, with only hand-made tools, could produce by hand.
Frank's assessment of Stein is that he's lacking in knowledge and appreciation of the intricacies of the pre-Industrial era.
In the pre-industrial era, economic activity consisted of relatively simple tasks, and the business enterprises that conducted them were accordingly simple in structure: single proprietorships or partnerships, managed according to personal knowledge and judgment.
move the reader from the pre-industrial era of piece rate payment through several themes prevalent in the late nineteenth century.