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Synonyms for Praetorian

ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

Synonyms for Praetorian

a member of the Praetorian Guard

of or relating to a Roman praetor

characteristic of or similar to the corruptible soldiers in the Praetorian Guard with respect to corruption or political venality


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95, Rise of the Praetorians is the first military history of the Mexican Revolution written for an English-speaking audience.
For more information about Maneuver and Battle in the Mexican Revolution: Rise of the Praetorians, please visit www.
In the model put forward by Eric Nordlinger, the Pakistani praetorians would be classified as "Rulers.
On the notion of reluctance on the part of Pakistani praetorians, Husain Haqqani has observed that the "narrative presents every Pakistani military ruler as a reluctant coup-maker," but on closer scrutiny "reveals a pattern of careful planning.
France was essentially a praetorian state until the stabilization of the civilian political system with the inauguration of the Fifth Republic, which led to the de-politicization of the military.
Indeed, the praetorian military's sensitivity toward security issues is entirely understandable.
Aironi, from the northern town of Viadana, and capital city team Praetorians have now been given the green light ahead of Benetton Treviso and Duchi Nord-Ovest.
Praetorians will be based in Rome and play at the city''s Stadio Flaminio, while Aironi will be based in Viadana but will play some matches in the city of Reggio Emilia.
And Owen could receive another treat as Dave and The Praetorians are planning to take him on a bike ride, though no date has been set.
NOW may not be the best time for your PC to resemble a battlefield, but Praetorians is set during the rise of the Roman Empire, so it's very different to modern warfare.
Praetorians cuts straight to the chase - creating foot soldiers who can build garrisons and defence towers, and fight, of course.
While the last of the praetorians was being slaughtered, the General, a few officers, and a foreign press correspondent headed for the Dictator's private office.
BOSTON & AUSTIN, Texas -- CORE Security([R]), a leading provider of predictive security intelligence solutions, and Praetorian Secure, IT Security and Regulatory Compliance experts, today announced a partnership that allows Praetorian Secure to offer CORE Security solutions to its client base.
Praetorian Secure is a certified PCI QSA and focuses on reducing risks through its vast knowledge of NIST, DIACAP, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA and implementing GRC security requirements.
Praetorian Secure to Resell Security Blanket([R]); Industry's only Tool for Automatically Locking Down Operating Systems to Meet Industry Standard Security Guidelines