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Synonyms for Praetorian

ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

Synonyms for Praetorian

a member of the Praetorian Guard

of or relating to a Roman praetor

characteristic of or similar to the corruptible soldiers in the Praetorian Guard with respect to corruption or political venality


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As IT Security and Regulatory compliance experts, Praetorian Secure serves many commercial markets and government agencies.
Praetorian said that the acquisition significantly expands its online training portfolio, which includes the FireRescue1 Academy, PoliceOne Academy, LocalGovU and the soon-to-be-launched EMS1 Academy.
Independent of each other, they found that Praetorian militarisation, general government and social corruption tended to increase the child mortality rate.
The state says the rates filed by Praetorian "are excessive as they exceed the indicated projected costs in the filing.
The novel describes how they uncover a plot within the Praetorian Guard to assassinate the emperor.
She considers setting the scene for changing emperorship, the impact of crisis on the position of the senatorial elite, a prosopography of the senatorial elite families, praetorian prefects and other high-ranking equestrians, and Septimius Severus and Gallienus as contrasting versions of high-ranking military officers.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 The Praetorian Guard; 2 Coronation Street; 3 Trident submarines; 4 Cambridge; 5 The 17th century; 6 Near to death; 7 As part of the pancreas; 8 The equality of all citizens in the eyes of the law; 9 John Sullivan; 10 Going Live
Calling on Mr Brown to hold a referendum, she said: "I fear that Brown's Praetorian Guard will argue that strong leadership means hunkering down and seeing off calls for a referendum on the new Treaty.
Meanwhile, PRAETORIAN FINANCIAL GROUP, a member of the Hannover Re Group, said it is partnering with the Georgia-based Britt Paulk agency to launch a builders' risk program in Florida and other Gulf states.
One such product, called Praetorian, created by Sarnoff Laboratories, integrates surveillance video feeds and other sensor inputs into a single, three-dimensional display on computer monitors.
This year Tees Riders were joined by motorcyclists from the Praetorian and Estonians groups.
Jennie, of Praetorian Drive, Wallsend, said: "We are emigrating to Australia in June and we wanted to get married somewhere which symbolised the area.
In this issue of Franchising World, Gene Cerrotti, CEO of Praetorian Group addresses the topic of securing competitive financing for franchisees and how it requires a disciplined and focused approach in his cover story, "Finding Financing for Franchisees Requires a Disciplined Process.
The Praetorian STARShip: The Untold Story of the Combat Talon.