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mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned

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12), en tratar las mujeres contemporaneas--representadas por la papisa Juana, la emperatriz Irene, la doncella Enguldrada, la emperatriz Constancia, la viuda Cammiola y la reina Juana--, se reflejaria en la praeteritio generalizadora que cierra la egloga para justificar la exclusion de las damas contemporaneas ("De cuyo valor subido / raras grandezas dijera, / si perderme no temiera / en la empresa de atrevido", vv.
But praeteritio is a much more openly manipulative strategy, one not reliant upon a reader to supply the unsaid.
arguit, 691-2) by the Minotaur; and finally, Medea, with a praeteritio mirroring that for novercae a few lines earlier (558), is the last word on feminine wickedness (563): sileantur aliae: sola coniunx Aegei (note that "Aegeus's wife" stresses her stepmaternal role and familial connection to Hippolytus himself).
There are also many instances of praeteritio, in which Dieter says that he will not, for example, describe the feast Nicky and Alix (Nicholas and Alexandra) partook of at their coronation and then proceeds not only to describe the menu in detail but also the complexities of the social relations involved (237-38).
Ampia e la sezione di versi (211-317) (17) contenente l'elenco dei temi gia affrontati dagli autori greci e latini di cui Sidonio dichiara che non trattera, ed ampio il catalogo degli autori stessi: non risulti esagerata la praeteritio (18), che fa pensare ad un'esibizione di cultura; e tuttavia nei contenuti si realizza la variegata poesia di Sidonio, che appare espressa anche nella varieta dei metri cui egli ricorre (19).
49) When Marcus worries about having used a simile that is possibly unsuitable to the dignity of the Senate, Fronto reassures the young man that such concern is a mark of his ability, conceding, however, that grand thoughts should be clothed in grand words and praising Marcus's use of praeteritio (paraieiyi~, Ad Ant.
The rhetoric of ineffability functions almost like praeteritio in the Journal, as H.
the Latin praeteritio (moving right along), to which we will eventually
In this praeteritio, Tolkien is saying that reality and truth exist and that it is our duty to see and conform to them.
In her notes Summerscale observes that, beyond Malvasia's other rhetorical distortions, this line exemplifies the trope of praeteritio, highlighting precisely what the writer pretends to exclude.
Nonetheless, the flair and humor we see here--the pointed rhetorical device of praeteritio ("I shall say nothing" of the man's "total lack of intelligence") and the framing metaphor of closure (your "surgeon" has performed barbaric "amputations on me") --are primary reasons for the now escalating interest in Berlioz's life and work, both musical and literary.
This is why I call this sort of antithesis 'praeteritic', a term derived from the rhetorical figure praeteritio, defined in classical rhetoric as the more or less indirect introduction of a subject which the speaker has promised to exclude.
shows off his rhetorical abilities with the figure of praeteritio.
But he fails to recognize the rhetorical praeteritio (`De Adamantio autem sileo .
After Elyot's unconditional philosophical justification of monarchy, then, a single praeteritio brings him from the one back to the many, from the governor to the governors.