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Clinio-pathology of sheep pox disease in Himahal Pradesh, India.
Sheep pox disease outbreaks in Madras Red and Mechery breeds of indigenous sheep in Tamilnadu, India.
LSD is a pox disease of cattle that can cause depression, fever and nodules of varying size on the skin, mucous membranes and internal organs.
Additionally, coordination is underway for the implementation of veterinary preventive vaccination campaigns against clostridium and sheep pox disease targeting 350,000 animals including sheep, goats and cows in the project targeted districts plus other affected neighboring districts such as Khab Wa Al-Shaef, according to the news release.
Grey squirrels are the main reason for the catastrophic decline of the smaller native British red, which is out-competed for food and susceptible to a deadly squirrel pox disease which can be carried by greys.
Researchers have discovered that a cocktail of other bacteria isolated from Caribbean reef tracts, when administered under laboratory conditions, helped prevent white pox disease progression in the polyp Aiptasia pallida, a coral cousin and surrogate model for coral research.