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Grey squirrels are the main reason for the catastrophic decline of the smaller native British red, which is out-competed for food and susceptible to a deadly squirrel pox disease which can be carried by greys.
Researchers have discovered that a cocktail of other bacteria isolated from Caribbean reef tracts, when administered under laboratory conditions, helped prevent white pox disease progression in the polyp Aiptasia pallida, a coral cousin and surrogate model for coral research.
The UAE has temporarily banned the import of various types of sheep and goats and their products from Kazakhstan because of the appearance of chicken pox disease among the animals, reports official news agency WAM.
Grey squirrels muscle reds out of their habitats, spread the squirrel pox disease which can kill reds in 48 hours and also feed their young on the chicks of birds taken from nests.
They carry the squirrel pox disease, which is fatal to reds, and are more and more encroaching on red territory.