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Synonyms for catnap

a brief sleep

to sleep for a brief period

Synonyms for catnap

sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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Google, for example, pioneered workday napping with its introduction of nap pods, futuristic bubbles conducive to quarter-hour power naps.
A power nap is a short sleep lasting five to 15 minutes.
If you feel sleepy in the afternoon, short power naps can be quite refreshing," says Alon Avidan, MD, MPH, Director of the UCLA Sleep Disorder Center.
In contrast, a power nap averages between 15 and 30 minutes, stopping before the cycle completes itself.
After checking in at Sovhotell's front desk, guests were given a pillow and their preference of a single or double bed so they could enjoy a 15-minute power nap.
We aren't talking about a power nap or a few hours of sleep.
The Ultimate Power Nap for Rapid Rest and Renewal is a self-help audiobook that teaches the listener how to plan effective and restorative naps that promote mental and physical wellness.
After a power nap, they're ready to play again, disputes forgotten.
Schrofer's ambition was to create the waking equivalent of a power nap, whereby the user is energised in a short period of time.
Hong Kong gives the nod to mall-based napping capsules for over-worked executives or those who shop till they drop Ever fancied a quick power nap after half an hour of traipsing across Mall of the Emirates, or - even worse - the Dubai Mall before you continue shopping?
Pulling out a book or paperwork or preparing to take a power nap also may help to drop the "I would like time to myself" hint.
A sleep expert has launched a campaign to introduce the power nap into Midland businesses.
High school teachers in some areas are dimming the lights to give students a power nap.
Having a power nap is Dinky the Yorkshire terrier who is 16 years old.
However, says Rattenborg, "they don't seem to crash during the day and take a power nap.