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(psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to a power of the stimulus intensity

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A continuous variable with a power law distribution has a probability p(x)dx of taking a value in the interval from x to x + dx, where p(x) = [Hx.
The standard strategy makes use of a histogram of a quantity with a power law distribution appears as straight line when plotted on logarithmic scales.
Under power law distributions, most members of a population occupy the long, low part of the curve at the right (i.
Simulation results in Figure 2 show that the curve of degree distribution possesses the feature of power law distribution, and most nodes have small degree value; only few nodes have big degree value.
12), most nodes have small betweenness value, only few nodes have large betweenness value, and the curve of betweenness distribution presents power law distribution.
A random, nonnegative variable has a power law distribution if
gamma]], the cumulative degree distribution, therefore, is in accordance with the power law distribution with an exponent [gamma] - 1.
But the data we are discussing whether to obey the power law distribution strict estimation and hypothesis testing, the currently used method of maximum likelihood parameter estimates and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test [16].
Having a power law distribution changes how often you'd expect to see an event sitting far from the data's average, a distance measured in "standard deviations.
Third, we observe that the size distribution of home runs cannot follow a power law distribution and show that the posited class of distributions provide an inadequate approximation to the data, at best.
Based on the remark that random graph-theory does not explain the presence of a power law distribution in scale-free networks, Barabasi and Albert (2002) recommend a growth algorithm that has this property.
For a power law distribution plotted on a log scale, this type of graph has the valuable property that the slope will be linear.
Although both formulas could account for the halos, the totality of evidence makes Mauche and Gorenstein favor the MRN, which is basically a power law distribution, that is, the number of grains of a given size is proportional to some power of that size.
A Theory of Power Law Distributions in Financial Market Fluctuations," Nature, 423, 267-270.
Power law distributions and fractal properties, consistent with the above, are commonly found in magmatic and non-magmatic fracture systems [27-29].