powder metallurgy

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the metallurgy of powdered metals

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STI has been manufacturing and distributing powder metal products for vehicles as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Powdered Metals Co.
It deburrs both sides of "green" powder metal parts.
* Rugged construction with powder coated aluminum housing, steel protection tube, stainless steel extension tube and powder metal gears.
The software contains early cost models for various manufacturing processes, including sheet metalworking, machining, structural foam molding, plastic extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, cold and hot diecasting, hot forging, powder metal processing, sand casting, investment casting, printed circuit board processing, and automatic assembly.
Engineering company GKN, which has its headquarters at Redditch, has agreed to form a powder metal joint venture in Shanghai with China's top car maker Shanghai Automotive.
Mr McShane received his award from Richard Clowes, chief executive at powder metal supplier GKN, at a ceremony in London.
Dowa Mining wins patent suit launched by Bayer over powder metal
Across industries, a growing number of original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers are discovering significant cost efficiencies and performance advantages in powder metal components from GKN Sinter Metals.
According to Matthew Marley, operations manager for Remington's Powder Metal Products Division, "The PowderElo compound is both consistent and predictable.
Starting with a rigid master model (male or female) supplied by the customer, the process generates a mold which is then used to create the required number of powder metal cores or cavities.
20 February 2018 - Pennsylvania, US-based powder metal component solutions provider Alpha Precision Group (APG) has acquired Michigan, US-based Mercury Manufacturing Company (MMC) to enhance Alpha's presence in emission control, variable valve timing and variable cam timing and gain access to new markets, the company said
Parker said AMSN continues its commitment of promoting American manufacturers specializing in precision CNC machining services, plastic molding & tooling, CNC milling, CNC turning, prototyping, multi axis machining, powder metal parts and secondary services at http://mfgpartners.net/powder-metal-parts.
Prior to joining Watson Standard Company, he served as vice president of manufacturing for a powder metal manufacturer.
Among the volumes are alloy phase diagrams (1992), powder metal technologies and applications (1998), failure analysis and prevention (2002), casting (2008), nondestructive evaluation and quality control (1989), fatigue and fracture (1996), fundamentals of modeling for metals processing (2009), and metals process simulation (2010).