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a pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)


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Onyx Street (East 19th Avenue to East 20th Avenue): Wastewater maintenance, including potholing utilities, sawcutting and manhole and cleanout access, will cause street sections to be closed Monday-Friday, 7 a.
Chillicothe, Missouri purchased a vacuum excavator in 1999 for potholing in conjunction with electrical cable installations made with the city's horizontal directional drilling unit.
East 19th Avenue (Onyx Street to University Street): Wastewater maintenance, including potholing utilities and manhole and cleanout access, Monday through Friday, 7 a.
TLocating and potholing utility workers will find their new workhorse in the Ditch Witch[R] FX65 and FXT65 vacuum excavators.
We can offer you potholing in Queensway car park, guaranteed to knock off your wheel trims or break the suspension.
But I used to do lots of treks, potholing and abseiling - not that I've done much for a while.
For eight days, Huddersfield North Scout District's headquarters at Bradley Wood campsite was converted into an indoor potholing course.
Have these Scandinavian jobsworths been busy potholing in Trans-Dniester for much of 2009?
I wouldn't mind if I went bungee jumping or potholing every week but I don't.
Stand by for Deep Sea Diving with Destiny's Child and Extreme Potholing with The Sugababes.
The area, on the Settle to Carlisle Railway at the western side of Penyghent, is famous for caving and potholing, and Selside is one of its most popular settings.
State Highway 23, a portion of which passes along Moorpark Avenue and Walnut Canyon Road and is heavily used by big rigs and Highway 118 at the 23 has been hit by heavy potholing.
The B1326 Cramlington to Seaton Delaval road suffered from years of flooding, leading to regular road closures and severe potholing, causing discomfort and inconvenience to users of this important local link.
The men, who are believed to be members of the UCD Potholing Society, became trapped after two separate rock falls.
Former Blue Peter star Valerie Singleton reveals why she hates potholing in a behind-the-scenes look at the trials and tribulations of being a kids' TV presenter.