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a pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)


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Road users in the town have reported more than 80 potholes which require attention.
The UK is implementing self-healing roads in order to reduce the cost of maintenance as well as preventing injuries given that a man lost his leg when he drove over a pothole on his motorcycle in 2018.
The citizens are crying out pothole down the streets of the city in the last several days from now Municipal Standing Committee approved the pits 46 street thereof to the bookmarked.
Data obtained by confused.com emphasises how much of an issue potholes cause for motorists in Scotland, with the problem revealed to stretch more than 4km deep.
'Misunderstood?' I yelled, 'Do you know the number of people who have died or nearly died falling into potholes? Do you realize hospitals are full of those suffering from spinal injuries caused by your bad repairs?' The contractor held up his hand and gestured towards his worker who was filling up a hole, 'Ask him how many meals he had yesterday?'
But the council has disputed the RAC Foundation's report and says it usually gets to dangerous potholes with two hours.
Out on the roads of Dorset are workers 'Chutney' (because he was a pickle when he was younger) and Glen, who travel the country lanes filling in potholes. Although the pair, who could be a bonafide comedy duo, are more interested in their prizewinning vegetables.
"The financial year 2017/2018 saw us experience some of the worst weather in living memory, resulting in an increase in the number of potholes on the highways we maintain," he said.
We have also recently been allocated PS5.26m by the Department for Transport to help us tackle potholes and we will be spending this on the resurfacing of unclassified roads."
The city council recorded 58,652 potholes between 2015 and 2018, and is placed 13th in the UK's league of shame.
Motorists' group the AA said parts of Scotland have the worst record in the UK for potholes.
The worst council for potholes was Trafford, which had 323 pothole complaints, with only 73 marked as resolved at the time of publishing.