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a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group

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Une baisse du taux de potasium au dessous de 3 provoque des troubles du rythme, mais une baisse aux alentours de 2 provoque la fibrillation ventriculaire et l'arret cardiaque.
Furthermore, the protein encoded by the KCNJ6 gene, the membrane potasium channel GIRK2, is co-expressed in TH-positive cells of mice (Schein et al.
Fruit set is limited by deficiencies in nitrogen, phosphorus, potasium, calcium and an abundance of aluminum (Jordan, 1985).
Mutations in the voltage-related potasium channels KCQ2 and KCQ3 genes are considered to be responsible in the etiology.
A Sudy conducted in Pakistan revealed that combined application of farm yard manure and potasium has significantly improved the yield of potato (Pervez et al.
table 3) Generally, with increased water dificate, the less Nitrogen and Phosphore absorption in shoot; but potasium absorption increases.
ABTS radical was induced by the reaction of 7 mM ABTS solution and potasium persulfate solution (2.
Time and dose-dependent development of Potasium bromate - Induced tumors in male Fischer 344 Rats.
The effects of nitrogen, potasium and subirrigation on the yield, quality and composition of single-truss tomatoes.