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a bulbous stove in which wood or coal is burned

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Mr Berryman said the Pot Belly Stove business would also go online, but products would still be available to buy from the Alder Street site.
The room also boasts a natural stone cut floor to ceiling fire place with pot belly stove.
John said the solar panels he has installed at the Pot Belly Stove shop on Lockwood Road create all the shop's electricity and hot water from the sun.
ECO FRIENDLY: Green energy solar panels installed by John Berryman, below, on the roof of his business, the Pot Belly Stove shop at Lockwood ECO-FAN: John Berryman installed a hydro turbine at his home in Slaithwaite
They sit at the side of the house and are currently used as a garage, an artist's studio with a pot belly stove and a fuel shed.
Six answers and more means 'well done' but come and learn more at The Pot Belly Stove Shop.
Take a look at The Pot Belly Stove shop for a great choice of stoves to suit all kinds of homes.
Pot Belly stoves were popular in the late 1800s and were commonplace in train stations, stores, and cabins.