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genre of art and literature and especially architecture in reaction against principles and practices of established modernism

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She divides the book into sections that take up the transitions that she argues make up the sixties: from modernism to postmoderism, from the culture industry to popular culture, and from participatory democracy to postmodern populism.
The metonymy connects postmodernism and postcolonialism to resolve the problems with history that Diana Brydon defines with reference to Linda Hutcheon's work on postmoderism, problems that result when emphasizing ahistorical interpretation.
MB: I have a problem with the word "quotation" to begin with, because for me it now carries the implication of an intellectual exercise--it's too tied to outdated postmodernist thinking, and postmoderism is over.
MacKinnon, Points Against Postmoderism, 75 Chi.-Kent L.
Robin Usher and Robert Edwards, Postmoderism and Education: Different Voices, Different Worlds (London: Routledge, 1996); and Roland Young, A Critical Theory of Education: Habermas and Our Children's Future (New York: Teachers College Press, 1990).
Discussing the deconstructive nature of postmoderism, she asks,
In particular, Gabriel's discussions of, and readings in general research perspectives such as postmoderism, hermeneutics, folklorism, psychoanalysis, and objectivism, are often excellent, but yet the perspectives seem to exert too strong a pull on his own text as a whole in various directions, so that it tends to vacillate betwen different points of view.
Its gynocentrism is generally hoped to be a temporary focus on the ethical values associated with female biology and female culture in ways which demonstrate a commitment to a meta-patriarchal truth and justice hardly characteristic of the relativist postmoderism which Davis attributes to Goddess feminism and of which he is rightly critical.