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an artist of the Postimpressionist school who revolted against Impressionism

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Rather than failures of impressionism, they are failed impressions put to ingenious, evocative, postimpressionist, and postmodern uses.
But Maurer's essay, even in abridgement, remains an important pioneering intervention in its careful wrangling of Keynesian economics and Postimpressionist aesthetics into the morphologies and discursive folds of queer Bloomsbury.
The pair set out to discover why the Dutch postimpressionist chose to mutilate himself, and also to identify the unknown girl to whom he is reported to have given is severed ear.
The use of the postimpressionist palette ofMatisse and the
Le Bonheur borrows from impressionist and postimpressionist aesthetics.
The rest of the paintings are rather postimpressionist, except for two: in that first, there's a warm view of Texas.
The museum also houses a large collection of impressionist and postimpressionist paintings including works by Cezanne, Renoir, Monet and Manet.
As the title suggests, these pieces are an exploration of nocturnal moods, beginning with "First Star" and ending with "Daybreak." The tonal palette is rich, featuring postimpressionist harmonies (9ths, 11ths) and contemporary pop rhythms.
A captivating portrayal of the Postimpressionist era, as well as an intimate glimpse into the mind of an artist, The Portrait builds suspense even as it expands into a larger debate over power (*** SELECTION sept/Oct 2005).
For too long, vers-librisme has been the postimpressionist luminism of our poetry.
The modern postimpressionist movement threatened to destroy his ideal artistic perceptions just as the German Zeppelins threatened to destroy irreplaceable works of art and architecture.
The book was published as part of a centenary for a confluence of radical events that hit Merseyside in 1911: a general strike, the opening of the beautiful landmark Royal Liver Building, and a controversial postimpressionist show at the Bluecoat Gallery.
NAGOYA - The Aichi prefectural government is planning to buy two paintings by French postimpressionist artist Paul Gauguin done on two sides of a single canvas for 298 million yen to put on display at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in Nagoya from late September.
The first travelling exhibition of this world-class collection, focussing on impressionist, postimpressionist and early modern paintings, sought funds that were much needed for renovations.
Auctioneers believe it may be a previously unknown early work by French postimpressionist painter Paul Cezanne.