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wind instrument used by postilions of the 18th and 19th centuries

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Of course, this symphony has its clouds as well, most notably in the immensely evocative offstage Posthorn solo of the third movement (gorgeously played
A higher strength range extension to Royal Dutch Posthorn lager is being introduced to the UK by FD Brands.
An MGM release of a Posthorn Pictures presentation.
A glimpse of just how incomplete they were can be got by comparing their entries (or Fasman's entries) with the 'Literaturverzeichnis' of Albert Hiller's Das grosse Buch vom Posthorn (Wilhelmshaven, 1985; reviewed in Music & Letters, lxxv (1994), 263--4).
Rather, he focuses, often with fresh insight, on moments in the score that clearly "speak": the posthorn solo, the bird of the night, possible song sources for the march theme of the first movement.
The saddler, Mr Bill Ayre, rode the Posthorn on coaches out of Yarm with the same horn used in Victorian times.
Mahler's demanding instrumental solos were confidently delivered - what a fabulous principal trombone, and such an expressive offstage posthorn soloist.
On the other hand, the ground-bass Lament in the same work and the two closing sections, with their charming posthorn imitations, are delightfully played.
The musical odyssey encompassed a magical offstage posthorn solo, seeming to waft in from another world, a rapt midnight song from mezzo-soprano Mihoko Fujimura, a vigorous and lusty angels' chorus from the Women of the City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus and the City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus, miming the chime of festive bells, bimm-bamming merrily.
There is a wealth of material in this seven-movement work: gorgeous melodies, audaciously witty colourings and turns of phrase, seriousness, too, and, most spectacularly, resourceful deployment of solo instruments -flute, oboe, piccolo, even, and the famous posthorn which gives this marvellous work its nickname.