retromandibular vein

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posterior branch of the facial vein

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The measurements of anterior and posterior facial heights in a Nigerian population.
0001) and the anterior cranial base, posterior cranial base, ramus height, anterior facial height, posterior facial height and mandibular corpus measurements.
On examination there was occlusal canting, shifting of million to right, decreased posterior facial height on the right side.
Anterior facial heights were relatively the largest cephalometric dimensions, followed by posterior facial height.
Although few studies have demonstrated increments of the anterior and posterior facial height values, even with premolar extractions without changes in the mandibular plane, these extractions are still considered to be the cause of reduced vertical dimension.
We describe the design and utility of this flap as a simple, reproducible, and aesthetically pleasing method of reconstructing posterior facial concave deformities that occur as a result of superficial parotidectomy.
In male group, increased posterior facial height and decreased gonial angle values were observed which point out towards the solid and broader mandible in comparison to slender one in females.
It is worth noting that, even though it didn't reach statistical significance, a higher average increase occurs in the posterior facial height compared to the anterior facial height, both at six months and after one year of treatment (figures.
The facial artery and the posterior facial vein groove the posterior part of the gland.
The facial morphology of individuals with skeletal anterior open bite is characterized by striking vertical disproportions caused by abnormal ratios between anterior and posterior facial heights (AFH/PFH) and between upper and lower anterior facial heights (UFH/ LFH).
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