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a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail

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The mystery shopper program, conducted for Emirates Post by an independent company, Gulf Marketing Research, selected 4th Postal Zone on the basis of overall performance, courtesy, speed and reliability.
Germany Postal Vector Select the largest Select Zones postal region within Feature postal zone 3.
This community's decades-old struggle to get its own ZIP code may end in a compromise that would transfer residents to a different postal zone in Ventura County.
Zone Jumping, or the ability to take advantage of lower rate transport across multiple postal zones, is on the rise as hundreds -- if not thousands -- of companies and carriers have adopted it.
This facilitates distribution of mail to some postal zones directly without the need for secondary sorting.
As a measure of supply, we use the number of residents per gas station in Connecticut's various postal zones, which we identify using the last three digits of their ZIP codes.
Louis County postal zones or municipalities, where the average income is over $7,000; where almost 20 percent of the families own two or more cars, where almost 72 percent own one car; where almost 75 percent have had some high school education or more; and where the population has increased by 40.
The United States is divided into eight postal zones.
Read 1000 provides superior read rates, shows up to 30 percent improvement on rejected mail and allows users to pinpoint postal zones of interest.