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occurring immediately after birth

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Mean scores for sub-dimensions in the maternal post-partum quality of life questionnaire were recorded at 19.
Lack of training and storing facility for oxytocic agents, non-availability of trained birth attendants for administration of parenteral uterotonic agents and non-availability of blood transfusion facility in rural areas further worsens the consequences of post-partum hemorrhage15.
But it was not just the icky feeling that caused her post-partum depression.
She added: "I had never heard of post-partum psychosis but it could happen to anybody.
Immediate post-partum (PPIUCD)--delivery to 48 hours.
The anoestrus animals were randomly selected based on criteria of not exhibiting any estrus signs for at least six months to 2 years post-partum.
Mary Kelly's Post-partum document, which is "a mixed media installation" (McCloskey 2012: 1), is a classic of second-wave feminist art and, at the same time, a heavily autobiographical piece.
Since graduating from the Nursing Program last May, Rumbold says she is right where she wants to be--helping physicians bring newborns into the world and assisting expectant and post-partum mothers.
The guidance also recommended additional research on the use of all three products to manage emergency bleeding in cases of trauma and post-partum haemorrhage.
The family of Miriam Carey, whose one-year-old daughter Erica was in the car with her during the encounter with police on Thursday, has said she suffered from post-partum depression.
The finger for such warped priorities must surely be pointed at the media, in particular women's magazines, which ruthlessly police post-partum celebrities, celebrating those who swiftly regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and criticising about those who fail to "lose the baby weight.
Abstract: Maternal and neonatal mortality in the post-partum period remain high in many countries because of the limited provision of care.
During advanced pregnancy and the early post-partum period, buffaloes are highly prone to the stress of heavy nutrient demand and drain, which could probably be prevented by addressing the basic etiology through balanced feeding and mineral supplementation (Mandali et al.
1) Pregnant or post-partum patients may present with hypertension and be mistakenly diagnosed with preeclampsia.
Such chauvinism would have been familiar to Mary Kelly, whose Post-Partum Document, 1973-79, materialized in the same period.
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