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(basketball) the way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed

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Wolf's list of the most influencial rule changes during his time included the switch from jump balls to a possession arrow, the addition of the five-second closely guarded rule, the three-point shot and the double bonus at 10 team fouls instead of a 1-and-1 opportunity.
The possession arrow favored the Spartans with two seconds left.
Wachusett had the possession arrow and another chance.
And which way the possession arrow should have pointed to start the second half.
6 seconds left to force a jump ball, with the possession arrow favoring the Bears.
Maybe that indicator should be a red arrow, like the possession arrow that gave the ball back to Lafayette.
The Ducks had the possession arrow in their favor, and Brooks inbounded to the left of the basket support.
The NCAA decided the possession arrow won't be used to determine which team gets the ball in situations where the defense forces a held-ball.
Stephens forced a jump ball on the rebound and the possession arrow favored the Wolverines.
This was anguish of the first order - the silence and emptiness of a failed comeback, an unlucky possession arrow and the whistle that pierced their hearts.