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(basketball) the way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed

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Woods momentarily had the rebound and was going back up with a follow shot, but Cal's David Kravish tied him up and, with five seconds left, the possession arrow favored Cal and Justin Cobbs finished the scoring with two free throws with 3.9 seconds to go.
The referees checked the monitor and determined it did hit the rim, but PC got the ball anyway because it had the possession arrow.
Wolf's list of the most influencial rule changes during his time included the switch from jump balls to a possession arrow, the addition of the five-second closely guarded rule, the three-point shot and the double bonus at 10 team fouls instead of a 1-and-1 opportunity.
Wachusett had the possession arrow and another chance.
And which way the possession arrow should have pointed to start the second half.
Maybe that indicator should be a red arrow, like the possession arrow that gave the ball back to Lafayette.
The Ducks had the possession arrow in their favor, and Brooks inbounded to the left of the basket support.