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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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With this in mind we will be hosting two positive action days aimed specifically at raising awareness amongst identified under-represented groups within our workforce/ "These include women and people from black and ethnic minority groups.
The team of three at Teesside Positive Action set up in 2006 and now run four sexual health clinics across Teesside, as well as visiting prisons and other hard-to-reach groups.
Positive Action has been evaluated as a Tier 1 intervention and shown to have improved standardized academic outcomes and decreased office discipline referrals (Flay, Allred, & Ordway, 2001).
Wearing, or not wearing anti-discrimination T-shirts, may raise awareness, but only positive action by the FA and PFA will tackle the problem of discrimination within football.
That year, Transfusion Positive spent EUR156,000 on five weekends away and conferences while Positive Action spent EUR99,000.
To make a donation to Positive Action Housing for their hardship, you can email home@paih.
These are tools to cope with life, and that is priceless," says Howard Humphreys, field coordinator for the Positive Action program study and former principal of Pearl City Elementary School in Pearl City, Hawaii.
Since 1999, the percentage of minority ethnic officers has more than doubled as a result of these improved links within diverse communities, as well as targeted advertising, familiarisation events and other positive action initiatives.
Also, as the number of number of people applying for job vacancies increases, candidates who feel they have missed out on a position through positive action are then much more likely to bring a claim against a prospective employer.
Judges at the fourth North West Positive Action Awards, held at Halton Stadium, were hugely impressed with the interchange which combines local and national rail networks and provides a key link to Liverpool John Lennon airport.
Upon reading the section on diversity, however, I was alarmed to see that a large number of employers don't have an official diversity policy, or any procedures, in place because they don't understand the difference between positive action and positive discrimination.
The Tackling Drugs Changing Lives Awards are open to all public and voluntary sector workers in the UK who have taken direct positive action to tackle drug issues in the local community.
Positive action can only be used by employers to encourage or train particular under-represented groups within society - many minority groups still do not have equal opportunities to the majority white population, despite the Race Relations Act.
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