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Meanwhile, Clark (1994) developed Bohr's (and QM's) concept of complementarity to come with a comprehensive interpretation of the process of gentrification and, just recently, Portugali (2008) argued that paradoxes of the kinds inherent in QM might be useful for prediction and planning in self-organising cities.
NOM] tagasi Portugali ja saab selle riigi jargmiseks presidendiks [president-TR] (NEWS) 'There is strong likelihood that the governor will return to Portugal and will become the next president of this country' ([right arrow] Kubernerist [governor-EL] saab president [president.
Whetherhe wouldhave cometothe decisionhad henotbeen droppedfor Sunday 's2-1 defeatto Portugalis unclear,but allmightnot bewell aroundthe Christmas dinner table if the midfielder's nose has been put outofjoint .
Louna-Prantsusmaal esines see vahemikus 1340-1347, Hispaanias ning Portugalis 1333/1334.