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But at the same time Portugali shows that there's a strict cognitive separation between Israel and Palestine in the inhabitants' representation of space.
Following Portugali, borders represent different forms of information compression that result from the social production of space and place (2006, pp.
QM concepts have been applied to such social sciences as geography, economics and regional science, especially during the 1990s (see for example, Wilson, 1971; Baker, 1983; Isard, 1986; Clark, 1994; Baker, 1994; Peterman, 1994; Macmillan, 1995; Popoff, 1997; Harrison and Dunham, 1998; Massey, 1999; Portugali, 2008; Juniper, 2008).
Rex Portugali metuebat eo superari, Campo fulgentem curo uidit bella gerentem; Nam quo uertebat uultum uel quo ueniebat, Cunctos terrebat, cunctos simul ense premebat .
Tova Portugali, su metapelet, mas tarde escribio: "Cuando finalmente llegamos a Kfar Gil'adi, decidimos continuar con tal providencia como parte de un sistema educativo.
NOM] tagasi Portugali ja saab selle riigi jargmiseks presidendiks [president-TR] (NEWS) 'There is strong likelihood that the governor will return to Portugal and will become the next president of this country' ([right arrow] Kubernerist [governor-EL] saab president [president.