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the capital of Benin in southwestern part of country on a coastal lagoon

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CAPITAL>>> Porto-Novo (official capital; seat of government is Cotonou)
The river is originating at Kalrayan hills of Salem district and terminates the Bay of Bengal at Porto-Novo of Cuddalore district and covering a total length 200 km in which twenty seven locations were selected with an inter distance of 7-8 km.
This parliamentary mission was held in Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin, from 3 to 10 July.
1 km of substandard and unsound drainage structures, resurfacing the inner walls of drains in Cotonou, Porto-Novo, and Ouidah; (iii) rehabilitating shoulders and side ditches along the secondary drainage network that drains into the lagoon in Cotonou and Porto Novo; and (iv) constructing and expanding additional three storm water retention ponds, including fencing for both, linking them to a network of canals (some expanded in size) to drain them into the lagoon.
KUWAIT -- In Porto-Novo, Ambassador Fayez Al-Jassem hosted a reception attended by a large number of Benin's senior officials, businessmen and heads of diplomatic missions of Arab and other friendly countries in the West African nation.
In a meeting between Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian and Beninese Foreign Minister Nasirou Bako on Tuesday, the two officials called for advanced relations between Tehran and Porto-Novo in various economic, cultural, scientific and political domains.
Plusieurs pays seront la pour faire l'essentiel dont le Nigeria qui essayera de defendre son titre remporte lors de la 18eme edition de cette competition en 2012 a Porto-Novo au Benin.
Benin's matches are played at the 15,000-capacity Stade Charles de Gaulle - the stadium's title giving away the French influence in the country - in the capital Porto-Novo, home stadium of AS Dragons FC.
Vers le retour a un schema tactique traditionnel Dimanche dernier, a Porto-Novo contre le Benin, coach Vahid avait opte pour un schema tactique renforce a la recuperation qui s'est avere judicieux puisque les Verts s'etaient imposes (3-1) tout en etant convaincants.
ABUJA (CyHAN)- Benin authorities say that over 100 graves have damaged and desecrated in a cemetery located near the capital, Porto-Novo.
The Republic of Benin is in West Africa with Porto-Novo as its capital.
In Porto-Novo, the capital of the Republic of Benin, the Kuwaiti embassy marked the national days with a grand reception attended by several ministers, senior officials and public figures in addition to foreign diplomats.