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a small light typewriter

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easily or conveniently transported


of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat's hull

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"The devil!" said Michel; "one would want a portable crane.
Provisions were extremely scarce; their chief sustenance was portable soup; a meagre diet for weary pedestrians.
He pleased himself by noting down with a pencil, in his big schoolboy handwriting, the various items of his portable property which might be sold for his widow's advantage as, for example, "My double-barril by Manton, say
Then, without waiting to receive the compliments of the bystanders on the victory be had won, he retreated to his own bedchamber, and considering himself in a state of siege, piled all the portable furniture against the door by way of barricade.
The portable lectern was taken out from the corner and set in the middle of the fireplace, the two old servants came in, and Angel's father began to read at the tenth verse of the aforesaid chapter
The First Groom of the Palace will proceed to count the portable articles of value belonging to the premises."
Joe had conveyed his portable kitchen to the oasis, and proceeded to indulge in any number of culinary combinations, using water all the time with the most profuse extravagance.
The most common applications are emergency cooling in the event of an air conditioning breakdown, but sometimes portables are used proactively when an AC unit is down for scheduled maintenance or replacement.
In almost all cases, stationary units provide more production than portables.
Some studios supplement their barres with portables. "People want them when the class size exceeds the amount of wall barre space," says Jack Lucas, owner of En Pointe Enterprises.
Custom-built engineered portables, centrals, pumping systems, temperature controllers and towers.
Says Jim Peterson, President of Schelde North America: "You still see mostly high schools using the ceiling-hung backboards, but the portables have grown in popularity because it creates a certain ambiance.
* In portables, teachers occasionally turn off noisy ventilation systems.
[] Consider installing a bootup password, available on most portables, so only users with your password can access the hard disk.