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The Massachusetts Port Authority Board is a seven-member group that oversees Massport, a financially independent authority which owns and operates Boston Logan International Airport, the public container and cruise terminals in the Port of Boston, Hanscom Field, Worcester Regional Airport as well as real estate holdings and public parks in South Boston and East Boston.
While initially pilot tested in the Port of Boston, the solution technique is intended to be generalizable and applicable to other ports.
Cruises leave the Port of Boston; the three ports of New York, Brooklyn, and Cape Liberty; and the ports of Baltimore Philadelphia, Norfolk (Va.), Charleston (S.C.), Mobile (Ala.), New Orleans, and Galveston (Tex.).
While the weather at our departure port of Boston and our first stop of Bar Harbour, USA - as well as Quebec and Montreal, Canada, towards the end of the cruise - was in the 70Fs and 80Fs, the middle stops in Nova Scotia and at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, location of the farmhouse setting for the Anne of Green Gables novel, tended to be cold and sometimes wet.
"We don't do warning shots in the port of Boston," Tucker says.
Later, other friends of Hawthorne's urged Orestes Brownson to represent Hawthorne's merits to George Bancroft, collector of the Port of Boston and political boss of the Democratic Party.
Now, the top executives of the Panama Canal Authority announced a strategic "alliance with the Massachusetts Port Authority that will increase cooperation--such as joint marketing--between the Panama Canal and the Port of Boston. Canal authorities hope to promote an "all-water route" from Asia to the East Coast of the United States via the Panama Canal.
After the British Parliament closed down the Port of Boston until the cost of the Boston Tea Party was paid back, Tory Governor Thomas Hutchinson charged the legislature with the task of raising the money.
It is the Massachusetts Port Authority, the massive, independent public agency that operates Logan International Airport and the entire Port of Boston. Massport is the largest landowner on the 1,000-acre South Boston Seaport, and it has controlled Fish Pier since 1972.
The hundreds of slave markets in the Americas include the northern port of Boston, and the Rio de la Plata in Argentina/Uruguay.
"The squadrons of the House of Bourbon," Mercy Otis Warren wrote, "fortifying the Harbour, Riding in the port of Boston, and Ensigns of Harmony, are Events which ...
The cargo, aboard the tanker Diana, was blocked, together with the vessel, at the port of Boston, Massachusetts, in late February.
Today, the MWRA's water transportation system is an integral part of the workaday port of Boston. Ro/ro activity at the Fore River shipyard starts at 5:30 a.m.; by 6:30 each morning, ferries leave Squantum Point in Quincy and Rowes Wharf in Boston for the 20-minute ride to Deer Island.
William Henry Harrison at the battle of Tippecanoe (November 8, 1811); brigadier general (1812); led a brigade in the capture of Fort George (May 27, 1813); during General Wilkinson's abortive attempt to capture Montreal, he served as field commander at Crysler's Farm (November 11), as Wilkinson was ill; blamed for the defeat there, he was removed from command and later discharged (1815); served as officer for the Port of Boston, and died there (October 4, 1830).
He believed sincerely and flamboyantly in "the common mind." As almost the only Democrat of prominence in Massachusetts, it was inevitable that as the Jacksonians gained power, Bancroft should rise with them--as he did, to become collector of the Port of Boston, then Polk's secratery of the navy and later minister to England and Germany.