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British philosopher (born in Austria) who argued that scientific theories can never be proved to be true, but are tested by attempts to falsify them (1902-1994)

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No one involved, unfortunately, seems to have known what Popper actually said, or to have appreciated that Popperian philosophy of science--which emphatically denies that scientific theories can ever be shown to be reliable--is grossly unsuited to Justice Blackmun's purpose, to provide indicia of the reliability of proffered scientific testimony.
Similarly, he suggests that our "Popperian" ancestors could have been able to use words competently, "without yet realizing they were using words...
I think that majoritarian democracy, which includes a Popperian capacity to "throw the bums out" that is lacking in all aristocratic or expert-driven decision-making setups, for all its flaws and all the political ignorance of the voters who are given such a big role, nevertheless still offers the least-bad way to govern tens and hundreds of millions of people.
The Popperian Legacy in Economic, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
"How is scholarly dialogue to engage with accounts of affective shudderings that are particular to the writer/experiencer?" (33), Brinkema worries in a Popperian search for some falsifiability criteria.
The Open Society and its Enemies in East Asia: The Relevance of the Popperian Framework
The use of reflective journal keeping in a teacher education program: a Popperian analysis.
This, I judge, is nothing but a conspiracy theory par excellence in the Popperian sense.
This dialectical method is accordingly defined in Popperian terms, as a method of trial, failure and success.
It is consistent with democratic values and the Popperian idea of an open society that an editor selects articles for publication that provide diverse perspectives.
Such prescientific behaviors are evidence that the field of entrepreneurship may not be prepared to adopt a Popperian philosophy.
The Foundations of Economic Method: a Popperian Perspective.