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monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets

largest carnivore of Madagascar

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The back of the thigh, the popliteal fossa, and the back of lower leg has been dissected.
8,33-35) Less commonly, it is the result of an overuse or acute orthopedic injury that irritates structures surrounding the popliteal fossa.
Stimulation should be close to the midline of the popliteal fossa, but the stimulator may need to be moved slightly or laterally to obtain an optimal response watching for the direction of foot motion on stimulation which would help to ensure that the proper nerve was stimulated.
CPF = the center of the popliteal fossa, CPF/H = ratio of the center of the popliteal fossa per height, ATL = Achilles tendon length, ATL/H = ratio of Achilles tendon length per height, ATL/CPF = ratio of Achilles tendon length per the center of the popliteal fossa, ATT = Achilles tendon thickness Table 5.
On physical examination of the right knee, an elastic soft mass measuring 5 cm x 3 cm with a smooth surface was palpable in the popliteal fossa.
A prospective randomised controlled trial of ultrasound guided versus nerve stimulation guided distal sciatic nerve block at the popliteal fossa.
Thirty-five years later, at age 55, the patient presented with a subcutaneous nodule in her right popliteal fossa, and an excisional biopsy showed the presence of melanoma within the popliteal nodes.
A A Baker's Cyst or popliteal cyst is basically swelling that develops at the back of the knee - the area known as the popliteal fossa.
PAES is a partial or complete occlusion of the popliteal artery as a result of aberrant anatomy in the popliteal fossa.
An ultrasound study was considered normal if the vein was completely compressed, and abnormal if the vein was incompressible or an occlusive clot was detected in target areas, including common femoral vein at the level of inguinal crease, superficial femoral vein superior to the adductor canal and popliteal vein in popliteal fossa.
Surgery of the left leg was performed via a posterior approach in the popliteal fossa according to the method of Trickey.
5cm diameter mass in the popliteal fossa, confirmed by ultrasound as a delayed presentation of a pseudoaneurysm.
Finally, the sciatic artery reaches the popliteal artery running through the popliteal fossa, lateral to the insertion of the adductor magnus muscle.
Peroneal study, recording extensor digitorum brevis and stimulating ankle, below fibular neck, and lateral popliteal fossa
A Baker's cyst is a swelling at the back of the knee in the popliteal fossa.