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a vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot)

an archaic term for a parrot

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WELL ESTABLISHED: Popinjays Restaurant in Berwick offers the opportunity for a variety of different cuisines.
Those overpaid, overpreened popinjays who in a bygone age would have been dismissed are held up as people we should aspire to be like.
I bet it did, but at least someone around the Crown Jewels had the brass orbs to suggest it among the brown-nosers and mincing popinjays (Definitions: the figure of a parrot fixed on a pole as a mark to shoot at.
Note that these same self-righteous popinjays would consider it rude for you to voice your thoughts about their untrained dog, their uncontrolled children or their self-destructive lifestyles.
Once released into Central Park, the nightingales, popinjays and bullfinches soon vanished from sight and died.
Wendy Robinson, formerly of indie band The Popinjays, formed Moth to the Flame earlier this year with Californian Dave Han after the pair met at a one-off Popinjays reunion gig.
Along with all the popinjays endangering the nation by disregarding the long-term effects of over-population.
Not like the shameless ladies' fancies and popinjays who now pretend to ride.
To watch many of these preening popinjays in action, you wouldn't believe they were capable of making the smallest of errors.
In her prime, Frances Leyland had known them all - Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Oscar Wilde and all the absinthe-sippers, the popinjays and the truly talented of cafe society.
Instead we have egomaniacs, bullies and star-struck popinjays who primp and preen as they deliver meaningless jargon and self-serving cant.