Pope Alexander VI

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Pope and father of Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia (1431-1503)

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In the course of teaching church history in a seminary, I have more than once witnessed a collective blush as we cover the foibles of the 18-year-old Pope John XII or the infamous Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI.
A particular problem, that receives new light here, was Cesare Borgia, the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI, who Machiavelli admired in The Prince.
After Columbus's 1492 "discovery" of the New World, Pope Alexander VI faced a dilemma.
Born as Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI is a subject of fascination for historians and critics of the church alike.
7 THE TELEGRAPH 1492: The infamous and corrupt Roderigo Borgia bribed enough cardinals to become Pope Alexander VI.
The selfish and political nature of the Church can be explained through the appointment of Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI and was responsible for hundreds of assassinations, blackmail, embezzlement, military and political conflicts.
There is also a 15th-century edict from pope Alexander VI on carving up the New World between Spain and Portugal after Columbus's discovery of America, as well as a secret code he used when he was besieged by French troops.
I was astonished to see an article on Alexander VI, known as the Borgia Pope, in your magazine for the month of September, for the reason that throughout my long life (I'm 92), I have not come across anything, until now, speaking well of Pope Alexander VI.
15 said: "To Iran's theocracy and Assad, the Arab Spring excludes the axis regimes, a view not much different from the way Pope Alexander VI (Borgia) thought of the world outside his own Vatican".
Pope Alexander VI, against whom Savonarola had preached so vociferously as the epitome of Curial decadence and debauchery and who, after excommunicating the friar, conspired to have him put to death, died in 1503.
In the first episode viewers see head of the family Rodrigo Borgia (played by Jeremy Irons) bribe his fellow cardinals, with the help of son Cesare (Canadian actor Francois Arnaud), to ensure he is selected Pope Alexander VI.
Once selected, the new Pope Alexander VI tells the mother of his children (Joanne Whalley) that he can no longer indulge in pleasures of the flesh, then proceeds to do just that with a new mistress (Lotte Verbeek).
The 10-part series stars British actor Jeremy Irons as 'the original Godfather' - Rodrigo Borgia, who bought off his enemies and got himself elected Pope Alexander VI in 1492, despite having mistresses and children.
1497 Pope Alexander VI ordered the sealing of a cave in County Donegal, believing it to be the entrance to purgatory.