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corn having small ears and kernels that burst when exposed to dry heat

small kernels of corn exploded by heat

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Thanks to water scarcity, we have been surviving on dry food, including pop corn, for six months," echoes Mira Sharma, adding, "We have been unable to offer proper meal to our guests.
Como los mas de los textos suyos, Pop corn resulta ser una novela de ideas penetrantes, aguda, sobre el determinismo en quienes se vuelven presa facil de los medios de comunicacion.
Consumers are, essentially, taking their long-standing passion for popcorn and movies and re-creating the movie theater experience in their own homes," indicates Garry Smith, vice president of Jolly Time Pop Corn.
and American Pop Corn Company signed licensing agreements for I-many's Deduction Management System (DMS).
Tenders are invited for Flavoured juice, ICe cream, POP Corn and soup
Popular Candy Store Featuring Gourmet Chocolates, Roasted Nuts, Drinks, Pop Corn, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Sugar Free Candy and Bulk Candy of all shapes sizes flavors tastes colors and textures.
Teachers turned one of the classrooms into a cinema to show the film Shrek 2 and even sold pop corn.
Today, 90 percent of all popcorn sold is microwave popcorn, points out Tom Elsen, vice president of marketing for Sioux City, Iowa-based Jolly Time Pop Corn, one of the top three volume popcorn processors in the world.
The humour is spasmodic - but college-kid hip wisecracks cut little ice in Wolverhampton it seems, since this audience, in any case, divided its attention between the stage and its pop corn box.
The new formula reduces the percentage of calories attributed to fat in jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn nearly 40%.
Jolly Time has introduced Microwave Pop Corn Single Serving Minis in three flavors - Healthy Pop 94 Percent Fat Free Butter Flavor Microwave Pop Corn; Healthy Pop 94 Percent Fat Free Kettle Corn Microwave Pop Corn; and Blast o' Butter Ultimate Theatre Style Butter Microwave Pop Corn.
Snacks included baked apples and pears, fruit on sticks, carrot and cucumber sticks with cream cheese and yoghurt dip, home made pop corn, raisins and mini pizzas.